Modern Bathroom Decor Ideas

A Bathroom With Wooden Floor, Wooden Vanity, And White Sink

There are many styles of decoration that can beautify your space. There are vintage, rustic, industrial, modern, and many others. Vintage and rustic become very popular right now because these styles are unique. It is about old thing but unique. Yet, there are many people choose to have modern decoration in their space. Modern style can be applied in every space. It can be bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen area, and so on. In this great time, I would like to share you some ideas of beautiful modern bathroom that will inspire you.

Modern decor is related to clean and chic space. There are no unnecessary thing added in the space, or colors which is too bold applied to the space. Yet, it will a little bit boring if there is no a thing that can make the space more stand out. Therefore, adding some various attractive fixtures, textures, and metallic touches is a nice idea to make the space more eye catching. Here some ideas for you. Let’s have a look at it and get inspired!


Modern decor actually can use any colors, but the colors which are more often to be used is neutrals and black. You may go for various shades of grey and you can create plenty fusion of neutral colors and dark shades to get interesting contrast. You may try an all-white bathroom or a moody space. You just need to make it modern. To gain a welcoming feel of the space, adding various wood items and details is a nice idea. The shades of the wood should be warm. Choose light-colored wood or the saturated one to make the bathroom more inviting.

Patterns and Textures

Modern decor can be a little bit boring if you just keep it clean without adding something interesting and attractive. Try to add patterns and textures to the space to make the space more eye catchy. You may go for geo-shaped tiles, or adding wood to make the bathroom feel like a spa. You may also try metallic fixtures and touches that will make your bathroom more interesting, for sure. Concrete, stone, or marble are the right thing that you need to add textures of the walls. You can go for a reclaimed wood wall. You may go for a wood clad bathtub if you want something else. Everything that is added is depends on you. What thing you like can be add to the space. Yet, it should be a proper thin to keep the modern concept of the space.

A Bathroom In Marble Floor And Walls With Black Vanity And Concrete Sinks

A Bathroom In Beige Tiles With Black Bathtub

White Bathroom, Contempory

A Bathroom In Black Geo Tile Floor And White Tile Wall With White Bathtub

A Bathroom In Neutral Tile Floor With White Bathtub And Sinks

A White Vanity With A White Sink In A Bathroom In White Shade

A Bathroom In Matte Black Floor And Stone Walls

A Bathroom In Black Tiles With White Bathtub And Blue Towel On It

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