Modern Apartment in Calm Color Scheme with Colorful Touches

White Bed White Bedding Large Decorative Greenery Red Nightstand Table Lamp White Pillows With Colorful Accents Blue Heels

Adding some colorful touches to a calm background will definitely be perfect to create a dynamic atmosphere. Such calm background of an interior décor can be the example with some colorful accents of furniture items and decorative items inside. The combination will be nice to look at just as this one décor of an apartment in Budapest. The apartment has two levels in a total of 110 square meters that can be seen standing in a prime location. It has the main attraction of the view of the city. The beautiful parliament building is amidst the view to enjoy from this dynamic apartment. Meanwhile, its outdoor terrace gets the view of a river nearby.

This apartment has just been remodeled to have a spacious living area, an outdoor terrace, a study, and two bedrooms inside. The renovation was done by Margeza Design Studio with some signature touches to be seen in some corners of the apartment itself. Dynamic, modern, and cool will be just perfect to describe the furniture items in this apartment. Meanwhile, the energetic colors and whimsical details of the décor are enjoyable in many ways which is a project well done by the designers.

One of the iconic things to see inside the living room is the rug that imitates the map of Budapest. It has a small red dot as the indicator of the apartment location on that particular map. There is a living green wall as well within the living space to freshen up the décor a bit. Overall it is subtle yet brightening. An enormous window is there on the wall of the living room to present the enjoyable view of the surrounding as one main attraction there. It looks like a cinema screen in its large size that anyone inside the living room can enjoy the city.

The oval bathtub is in one of the bedrooms along with a shower cabin without any wall or partition at all. It is a kind of trendy way to create an open space and airy atmosphere within the décor. At the end that is pretty much needed to maximize the small space of the apartment for sure, right? Well, this is basically an apartment so that it has a limited space. Yet Margeza Design Studio has done a wonderful job of creating a dynamic appeal inside the apartment by combining neutral background and some colorful accents in the décor.

Acrylic Red Magazine Rack Magazines Round White Top Metal Legs Nightstand Roosted Decorative Sculp White Table Lamp White Bed With Yellow Accent White Bedding Polka Dot Accented Wall White Pillows

Flat Screen Tv White Floating Sideboard Eye Catchy Rug Bold Yellow Chairs White Bench Glass Ends Colorful Decorative Pieces

Large Glass Window Colorful Flowers Bold Yellow Chairs White Sifa Eye Catchy Rug Ceiling Lights

Green Towels White Free Standing Bathtub Wooden Flooring Glass Shower Walls Ceiling Lights Wooden Flooring

Living Greenery Wall Potted Plant White Sofa Tile Flooring Ceiling Lights Glass Side Table

Large Glass Windows Bold Yellow Chair Potted Plants Wooden Flooring

White Round Table Bold Red Chairs Flowers Ceiling Lights Stainless Steel Fridge White Kitchen Island

Unique Modern Bookshelf Books Bold Orange Handbag Green Knitted Cover White Sofa

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