Modern and Unique Design of Y House by Anonym Studio

Y House In Thailand Greeneries Concrete Road Floating Planter Grey Metal Sliding Gate

Today it is easy to find unique looking house design amidst many houses in such ordinary style. More and more homeowners, as well as designers, prefer to have a rather different looking design of modern houses with the ultimate functions inside. So many examples of such type of house in which there is the one called Y House in Nonthaburi of Thailand. It incorporates the existing context of skin layering building rhythm. It is not just a nice looking house, but it further enhances the flow of spaces out of the main context of the house itself as a living space. In short, it is designed to be enclosed from the outside to get the needed privacy inside while getting in perfect harmony with the urban ecology around the area.

This house was designed and built by Anonym Studio with four bedrooms, one office, and two sitting rooms. The name of this building is derived from the Y-shape land plot of this building. That limitation of Y-shape plot is embraced by the architects to create small courtyards along with gardens. The result is so perfect to embrace a micro-ecology space in connection with the living spaces inside the actual building. There is a pond right there in the courtyard to create a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere while the greeneries around it simply deliver organic and natural feel all over it.

In purpose of creating such separation for certain areas with different functions, the architects use surface layering. The effect of such thing is that there are various shades of atmosphere in accordance with the context of harmony within the interior of this house. The concrete finish can be seen in many areas to emphasize urban living in the representation of the surrounding area of the house.

Simple yet beautiful modern décor can be found inside this house. There are cozy furniture items along with the extensive glazing to enlarge the space visually. It is also intended to connect to the outside better with glazed walls. Wood accent and tone can be easily seen inside the interior to deliver cozy atmosphere. Such harmony of modern décor with organic greeneries as well as natural elements within the décor has been successfully created a real peace and calm living space. There will be a feeling that the house is not in the middle of a crowded city due to that perfect harmony of the décor.

Wooden Exterioe Deck Glazed Walls Trees Greeneries

White Exterior Walls Tall Tree Wooden Exterior Deck Concrete Exterior Fence

Glazed Walls Wooden Floor Wooden Chairs Yellow Pouf Black And White Pillows Ceiling Lights Cream Ceiling Tall Exterioe Fence Trees Greenery Wall Fence

Greenery Wall Fence White Walls Concrete Floor Grey Door Side Entry Way Large Grey Sliding Gate

Y House In Thailand Greeneries Concrete Road Floating Planter Grey Metal Sliding Gate

Wooden Floor Ceiling Lights Wooden Chairs Brown Upholstered Chair Brown Sofa Yellow Poufs Black And White Striped Rug Accent Pillows Glazed Walls Trees Flat Tv Books Floating Wooden Shelves

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