Modern and Simple Attic Bedroom

A Wooden Floor And Ceiling Bedroom With A Black Wall And Grey Bed With Some Pillows Placed On A Grey Rug

Are you a bachelor? Are you a person who is searching for some inspiration to create your private space? You come at the right time. Today, I would like to share you some motivations for creating a bedroom which offers you comfort privacy. Here we come.

Here I welcome you to a contemporary loft bedroom. It is not an ordinary bedroom; it is a bedroom that exudes personality. How does such a bedroom can exude personality of the owner? Let’s have a look at it.

Some renovations and changes are made to make this kind of bedroom better than ever. Studio Raca Architekci is the one who is in charge. They start by changing the geometry of the roof. This change was done to get more space inside the new bedroom. They also clad the ceiling and choose the floor in oiled wood planks. Such a move gives a peaceful atmosphere in the area. A bedroom is a private space that needs to be relaxing and comfortable. Therefore, having a pleasant and friendly ambiance in the bedroom is an important thing. Now, let’s see at the interior. The interior is pretty simple. The modern furniture in black and gray was chosen to fill this space. The simple modern furniture will bring the simple modern look of the bedroom also.

There is a corner that has a function as a reading corner. The window places this reading corner. Such an area is created by add a modern chair and a minimalist floor lamp. It looks like straightforward, but it is comfortable to read some favorite books of yours. You can spend much of your spare time to read your favorite books in this corner. Simple but functional, isn’t it?

Some people like to do some works or tasks in their bedroom because it is more private and comfortable. Therefore, some people want to have a work area inside their bedroom. The bedroom we are talking about now also does the same. There is a work area inside this bedroom. Such an area is built by adding a simple black desk and an Eames swivel chair. Still in the modern and straightforward style, but this work area is pretty comfortable to finish all the owners’ works and tasks.

The owner can enjoy the computer movie by using a modular sofa which is placed in the corner. There is also a cabinet on the back wall. The doors painted in dark gray lacquer finish making a good contrast with the wood and can reflect the space.

A Bedroom With Wooden Floor And Ceiling And Furniture Like Bed, Sofa, Chair, Table In Black Shades

A Wooden Floor And Ceiling Bedroom With A Black Wall And Grey Bed With Some Pillows Placed On A Grey Rug Near A Black Coffee Table With A Black Stool

A Wooden Floor And Ceiling Bedroom With A Black Wall And Grey Bed With Some Pillows Placed On A Grey Rug

A Wooden Floor And Ceiling Workspace With A Wooden Table Paired With A Black Chair Near A Grey Sofa With Cushions

White Cabinets And Built In Bookshelves In A Wooden Floor And Ceiling Room

Some Grey Shades Pillows On A Grey Bed Under Two Black Lamps

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