Mixing Contradictory Interior Design Styles for a Beautiful Appeal

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Mix and matching items is a common practice in interior decoration. People tend to combine various things to find that perfect appeal accordingly. Despite the fact that there is no explicit formula as for how to do that, more and more people see it successful in grouping items with different flairs and styles together in one spot. Well, the secret is to find a perfect harmony between the things just as human in life, right? An excellent example is a Lithuanian house designed by Prusta. It comes with the standard appeal of the contemporary or modern home with contradictory things inside. Even the decoration matters are somewhat contradictive of one another.

Starting out in term of the materials that can be found inside the house there are wood, marble, stainless steel, metal, glass and also several textiles. Those materials are in different characteristics for interior decoration. Warm tones are inside the house to be the background for the entire decoration featuring different things in different styles. The designers of Prussia have been maintained the interior successfully to be uncluttered and minimalist. Although, they are incorporating and mixing contradictory things. Thus the so-called modern decoration style is done with a bit of traditional twist.

Old and new items of furniture can be seen inside the house to blend vintage and modern. Furthermore, rustic, industrial, traditional and antique touches can be observed there as well. The living room along with the dining area and kitchen can be seen in just one large area. It is amidst popular trend today to do so. The sloped wooden ceiling is there along with large windows to deliver natural light into the house sufficiently. Mismatching dining chairs highlight the dining area white vintage wooden cupboard and carved wooden seats can be seen in the living corner. Comfortable sofa, large bookshelf and flat TV complete the enjoyment in the living area.

Furthermore inside the bedroom more about function can be understood to be the focus, colorful and bold textiles are considered the main feature. The headboard wall is in concrete while the bed is made of wood. There is a nice looking broad chest in companion to some rugs in bohemian style for even more variation of items regarding the form. At the very end, the interior décor features nothing but harmony in functions. There is nothing inside the house that is only decorative without its role serving the interior.

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