Minimalist yet Functional Apartment with Pretty Tight Space

Large Windows White Curtain White Bench Yellow And Green Pillows Wooden Flooring Bold Artwork Small Round Side Table Glass Top

It is a pretty wrong idea that a small apartment can never be that functional. An apartment that is considerably small can always be maximized in both its appearance and its function. There are only the proper things and ways needed to get the job done. This 32 square meter apartment in New York is a clear example of highly functional small space. It is done in the stylish way possible without leaving the scope of minimalist décor style. Furthermore, it is a really comfortable living space with just all features needed by its owner to enjoy everything daily.

One thing for sure when dealing with small living space like this one is that a set of smart solutions will always be needed. Within this rather tight space, there are three different zones with clear separation in between. The zones are living room, bedroom, and a mix of kitchen and dining area. The color of white alongside light colored wood can be seen all over the space to enlarge the entire space visually really. Different height of the ceiling, as well as different materials and colors, are used to separate different areas of this apartment. The result is a really effective and efficient way of maximizing a small space.

Another crucial thing in dealing with small living space like this one is the use of proper storage solution. It means that hidden storage could always be the ultimate solution. The entire space of this apartment is clutter free just because of the use of proper storage spaces. Bold accents over the neutral tone of the décor can be seen to avoid boring accents of the space. In term of privacy, the bedroom is somewhat hidden with a wooden plank. Large bed, wall art piece, lights, and storage units in white are all things inside the bedroom since those are all the things needed there, right?

Furthermore, the bathroom is hidden cleverly with a kitchen. The shelves and countertops of the kitchen cover the bathroom partially alongside the use of glass door. The use of glass door is another smart way of maximizing small space. Drawers are there below the countertops that are in a rather uncommon height. The drawers are definitely functional as additional storage spaces for stuff. A small desk next to bedroom screen is combined with a large sofa and a long countertop as additional cooking and eating space.

Black Chair White Office Desk Wooden Plank Screen Room Divided Wooden Cabinet Light Wood Doors Large Flat Tv Colorful Decorative Pieces Books Laptop Framed Photographs

Wooden Flooring White Bedding Ceiling Lights Wall Artwork Grey Headboard White Storage Cabinet With Drawers

Large Flat Screen Tv Colorful Decocrative Glass Items Metal Stools Green And Yellow Pillows Black Chair Laptop Ceiling Lights White Kitchen Cabinetry Glass Shower Wall

Wooden Kitchen Cabinetry White Top Light Wood Colored Doors Coffee Maker Green Apples

Metal Stools Wooden Flooring White Bench Ceiling Lights Bright Colored Floral Printed Pillows White Kitchen Cabinetry Framed Artworks

Ceiling Lights White Toilet White Sink White Wooden Bathroom Vanity Metal Framed Glass Panels Shower Closure Rectangular Bathroom Wall Mirror Cream Towels Blue Cup

Large Wall Art Piece Wooden Plank Screen Divider Wooden Flooring Metal Stools Wooden Kitchen Cabinetry Flat Screen Tv Colorful Decorative Pieces Ceiling Lights

Wall Artworks Black Chair White Office Desk Wooden Flooring Ceiling Lights Framed Photographs Light Wood Colored Cabinets Wooden Room Divider Laptop

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