Minimalist Three-Legged Stove Chair, Simple and Very Functional

A Black Stove Chair Hung On The Wall

People nowadays are often looking for furniture which is very functional. Lack of spaces makes the dwellings becomes smaller day by day. Having functional furniture becomes a necessity to fit in small spaces. Therefore, the more practical the furniture is, the greater and more popular it will be.

Many items are designed by many designers who offer you a functional point and simplicity. They are available in the various shapes. They may be small or significant, and they may fit in a kind of style or all styles of interior. One of such furniture items is a three-legged Stove stool which is designed by Gabriel Tan. This item is very handy and easy to help you maximize your space. It is a good news for you who are looking for a simple stool that will not eat many spaces. Why having four legs stool if you can have just three legs? Curious enough don’t you? Let’s check this out!

The point that makes this stool is attractive is that it can be hanged on the wall. This such an advantage will not waste your space. It lets you use your space to another thing which is also needed. The designer of this stool got inspired by a simple lifestyle of Shaker, a religious sect founded in England in the 18th century. In that time, Shaker people had a habit of hanging their furniture when it was not in use. The wood-fire Shaker stove inspired the unique shape of it. Because of those inspirations, this item is made very simple yet very functional.

The characteristics of Shaker Furniture are clean lines and simplicity. The designer tried to incorporate those characters into stool design. Based on the designer’s creativity, the bench is made in a wooden frame with only three legs and a hole in the back. The design brings simplicity to your room. The holes in the backrest bring access to the seat to be lifted and hung on the surface of the wall. By hanging pieces like that, you can save some space for other needs, so you’ll have a new statue on your wall. Although it is designed for only 63 centimetres, the chair backrest is designed to provide adequate lumbar support due to its convex seat shape which is based on the wood fire stoves found in Shaker people’s homes.

A Black Stove Chair Hung On The Wall

A Black Stove Chair Hung On The Wall And Another Placed Under It

A Black Stove Chair Hung On The Wall Near A White Round Table With Colorful Chairs Around It

A Black Stove Chair Placed Near A Bar Counter With Some Stuffs On It

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