Minimalist House with All White Interior and Luxury Accents

Black Pool Table Black Leather Upholstered Seats Large Bookcase Books Glass Railing Large Windows Water Dropping Style Pendant Lamps

A renovation project is commonly the turning point of old space to get a fresh appeal all over it. This could only mean that even an old house can be altered to look brand new with the proper ways within the renovation. Today there have been many creative ideas and ways in dealing with old houses to be given fresh appeal. Different styles and accents of interior decoration can be combined to create a nice décor which could alter old houses into brand new ones. There is a house called The Remember House which was just renovated by Edmonds + Lee Architects to get a fresh look out of the old one.

This house has its exterior cladding in dark panels with a pretty contrasting effect inside. It incorporates a minimalist décor inside with just a bit of luxury splashes to eliminate that boring accents of all white interior. The house itself is located on a thin sloping piece of land of Noe Valley in San Francisco that makes it stands out amidst the surrounding houses. Although the basic aspects of the house remain the same as the surrounding, the dark exterior cladding is done to make it stand out. It will feel nice to be inside with its immersive décor that is considerably elegant and luxurious at the same time.

It has a bright kitchen with lots of storage compartments placed in a concealed area behind doors without handles. That is a smart way to create a seamless look around the area. There is a marble kitchen island that boosts the look of the décor instantly. The living area has large windows to fill the space with lots of natural lights. An iconic feature of the living area is a highly adorable lighting fixture attached to its double height ceiling.

Meanwhile, in the dining room, there is a black marble shelving unit to provide additional storage solution as well as additional interest towards the overall décor. There is even a nice home bar in the dining room. The master bedroom has glazed walls as well as a built-in fireplace and a comfortable bed. A mirror and a shelf can be seen there as well to complete the décor inside the master bedroom with the focus on practicality. There is a social area with a pool table and bookcases to accommodate and entertain guests.

Wooden Bunk Bed Wooden Chair Large Map Wall Decor White Bedding White Pillows Burnt Orange Small Round Table Round Grey Rug

Glazed Walls Greenery Wall Wooden Table Black Chair White Corner Sofa Square Coffee Table Books Patterned Rug Light Wooden Flooring Outdoor Terrace

White Kitchen Color Scheme Wooden Cutting Boards Stainless Steel Tap Wooden Flooring

Black Pool Table Black Leather Upholstered Seats Large Bookcase Books Glass Railing Large Windows Water Dropping Style Pendant Lamps

Greeneries Wooden Exterior Wall Glazed Walls Glass Railing Dark Exterior Cladding

Glazed Wall White Bedding Light Wooden Flooring Wall Mirror Fireplace

Greenery Wall Grey Finished Rattan Outdoor Chairs Wooden Deck Glass Railing Small Tables

Iconic Crystal Pendant Lamps Square Grey Tabletop Coffee Table Books White Sofa Marble Floating Shelf Fireplace

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