Minimalist Apartment with a Great Lake Views

A Room Feature Minimalist Counter With A Chair And A Round Table With Chairs Around It And A Lamp Over It

Some people like a minimalist dwelling to their choice. It is a great time to share with you about a minimalist apartment. This minimalist apartment is pure the best. The best creativity and ideas of Vladimir Radutny have been given to renovate the apartment using a restrained palette to make the architecture and the views stand out.Wanna see more? Let’s check this out!

An open layout is built to maximize the floor space and bring the visual focus directly to the Lake Michigan in the outside. Such an idea bring a fresh colour palette to the apartment. The volumes are floating one into another. The bedroom and bathroom spaces are separated from the living space by a partition which is done with floor-to-ceiling translucent glass. That kind of idea will bring privacy between both primary living areas. Creating an illusion divider is a smart idea because it will not look big and can reflect the dynamic mood swings of the Great Lake.

A wooden storage volume has a task to separate the sleeping area from the washing area. This volume is not only a divider but also a wardrobe. What a practical idea!

Beside the entryway, there is a kitchen island facing a wood-panelled wall extends past the corner into the larger living area. Such a piece provides a counter for having a meal or just a cup of coffee. The other furniture in the bright space is only a circular freestanding dining table, a couple of lounge chairs, and a pair of more tables. It looks like as everything remains tucked away in cupboards. That kind of interior arrangement bring a minimalist style to the apartment.

A comfy and cosy reading nook is very an essential space in a dwelling for some of you who are reading addict, and this apartment provides one. A very comfortable reading corner has several dark blue rattan chairs, a gray carpet, and a glass table for a cup of coffee. It looks straightforward yet very comfy and brings a good mood in the owner’s reading. There are not many ornaments that you can see in this area. There is only a bright artwork, and some views from the lake that become the ornaments and such a simple idea give a different feel yet not too much. They do not become a disturbance in the room that can ruin the mood.

A Room With Large Glazed Wall Feature A Table On A Rug, Two Navy Chairs, And An Artwork Which Is Hung On The Wall

A Wooden Divider In The Middle Of Two Rooms

A Room Feature Minimalist Counter With A Chair And A Round Table With Chairs Around It And A Lamp Over It

A Wooden Divider With Storage And Some Towels Inside In The Middle Of Two Rooms

A Room Features A Table With A Coffee Table, A Hanging Lamp, And A Kitchen Counter With Chairs And Shelves Above

A Simple Counter With Two Chairs

A Round Table With Chairs Around It And A Lamp Over It Placed Near A Kitchen Sink

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