Minimalist and Beautiful Above Pendant from Louis Poulsen

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Interior design and decoration in minimalist style is somewhat attractive for some people. The absence of intricated details within the interior is the key to this particular from decoration. Supporting and following this minimalist trend there are various items to get it done properly. Desks, chairs, tables, and even lamps are all offering the slightly simpler designs that can perfectly match the minimalist design of the interior. One of the many options available in the market today is the locket on. It is a pretty simple lamp design from Louis Poulsen.

The simplicity of Above pendant enhances its minimalist appeal. At glance, it looks like a bucket paced upside down with cable as its power source and also its support. It is placed at the ceiling or wooden beams above in which it has its name, Above pendant. In another point of view, it can also be considered to resemble a grate with its curved handle above just like the handle of a grill. Well, that is the shape and the look of this minimalist hanging the lamp from Louis Poulsen.

The material of this hanging lamp is entirely aluminum. The technique in manufacturing this lamp is so special that really create a nice looking organic shape with perfect fluidity. The overall shape is so natural for sure. A decent thing about this lamp is the fact that it retains its shape regardless of the light turned on or off. So basically when the light is off it can be a beautiful decorative piece for the room where it is located. The decorative arch design above its main body is somewhat covering the hole above. It is not fully covered so that the lights go upwards as well aside from just going downwards mainly.

The interior of the lamp is painted white to enhance the lights come out of it from a yellowish bulb inside. It can either be used as accent lights as bright as main lights. It comes only in two colors between black-white combinations. Well, that makes it even easier to fit many decoration styles in any room since those are neutral colors. It can be placed in an entryway, a living room, a bedroom, or even a dining area alongside a kitchen. This lamp is also considered to be beneficial for small spaces due to its simple shape. It is available in four sizes to choose accordingly.

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White Above Pendant Light Brown Wall Yellowish Light Curved Top

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