Minimalist A-Frame Residence with All of Its Beauties

Light Colored Wooden Door And Window Frames Wooden Flooring White Basket White Bedding

Today there is a so-called minimalist décor style in its popularity. The ultimate reason is that being a minimalist is perfect for tight living spaces. Surprisingly by going into the minimalist appeal of interior décor, it can be so appealing while also saving both areas and money. Fewer things needed in decorating means less money to spend, right? Thus, many residential houses were built within the scope of minimalist style as the one named A-Frame. This minimalist looking suburban house is located at St Adolphe d’Howard of Canada.

The house was originally built within the year of the 1960s which then handed over to an architect named Jean Verville to get the better of it by renovating it. The so-called A-Frame of the house is somewhat hard to deal with. Jean Verville managed to get the renovation done correctly and the result is its current state today. Indeed the house is a small house so that the concept of minimalist is purely perfect to be incorporated there.

There is a living space inside the house that unites the first living room and kitchen together. The fact that the square footage was reduced during renovation makes that idea just perfect. The new living space looks out to the beautiful surrounding outside for a more natural atmosphere. It is pretty well connected to the outside. Furthermore, it is an excellent example of how to maximize small square footage of a residential house.

Many items and elements inside the house can all be seen as functional instead of being merely decorative. Light colored floors all over the interior along with white walls and large windows create well-lighted interior alongside close connection to the outside. That is a perfect canvas for everything else inside the house. Grey sofa, white kitchen cabinets, metal hearth, stainless steel kitchen appliances and low table alongside cushions are all there to maximize the function of this residential house. Surprisingly there are not much of vibrant colors inside the home. Most of all there are only natural wooden color, grey, black and white in all areas of the house. The perfect ways to combine those few colors make it pretty sweet to enjoy. Apparently, by looking at this house especially its interior design and decoration, it is pretty reasonable that minimalist décor style can be more and more popular in the future.

All White Interior Wall Light Wooden Floor Dark Grey Floor Cushions Wall Lamp Ceiling Lights

Stainless Steel Countertop White Kitchen Cabinets Golden Metal Frame Ceiling Lights Light Wooden Floor Wooden Chair Potted Plant

Black Frame Triangular Window Outside View Trees Grass Pathways

Light Colored Wooden Door And Window Frames Wooden Flooring White Basket White Bedding

Stainless Steel Countertop Electrical Stove Grey Sofa Hanging Lamp Potted Plant Wooden Chair

Birds Blue Sky Hills Trees Fog Small A Frame House Foggy Forest

Books Magazines Wooden Staircase White Tight Wooden Bookshelf

Small A Frame Wooden House Trees Black Roof Black Wall Triangle Window

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