Mid-Century Beauty of Equinox Lighting Collection from Studio DUNN

Black And White Hanging Pendant Round Equinox Lighting Collection

Mixing the idea of practicality and unique design in interior decoration related items is considerably okay. There are surely many unique looking items when it comes to interior décor. Such items can really be useful and helpful in enhancing the décor while also delivering their basic functions. Even combining two rather contrasting styles is not a bad thing at all when it is done properly. One example of item of interior decoration in such contrasting styles is a lamp designed and produced by Studio DUNN.

The studio is based in Rhode Island in which it has already been famous of its unique combination when designing and producing interior décor related products. The latest option that it offers to homeowners is the Equinox Lighting which emphasizes the beauty of mid-century style of decoration. Practicality of contemporary design is definitely there in this lamp of Studio DUNN. Yet the ultimate aesthetic of mid-century style can definitely be enjoyed there. Equinox Lighting Collection features two scones along with a pendant designed and produced with the idea of equinox twice a year. It is the occasion where every place above the earth has its equal amounts of both day and night.

The appeal of the Equinox Lighting Collection of Studio DUNN is like no other. It has its circular design that really aligned in a balance of both light and dark with its soft light as well as bold shadows. Separately the item within this collection of lighting fixtures is called Equinox Pendant and Equinox Sconce. Both of them feature front plates in form of rolled glass to mimic the surface of the moon in a total beauty. Meanwhile there is the sconce model with metal in replacement of the glass as in the previously mentioned model. The metal finish is powder coated for the best possible appeal.

This lighting fixtures set is offered in black and white in different variations to choose accordingly. Both the pendant type and sconce type are easy to use alongside any decoration style as a matter of fact. The light produced by Equinox Lighting Collection will be enough to help any interior décor to look better. Well, it is not just another choice of indoor lighting fixture to consider since it offers the best quality of both the look as well as the function. Studio DUNN has created nice looking lamps with a pretty decent function for sure.

Equinox Lighting Collection White Round Pendant Black Round Pendant

Black Round Pendant Equinox Lighting Collection Golden Holder

Black And White Hanging Pendant Round Equinox Lighting Collection

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