Maximizing the Use of Your Windowsill

10. Placing A Tribal Rug And Wooden Chair And Rattan Bean Near White Windowsill Will Be A Good Idea.

Limited space is the most common problem in today’s modern dwellings. Using every single inch of space is a must. An area that usually does not get much attention is a windowsill. We often just put a pot or more and left them without any special treatment. A windowsill, especially a wide one, has a lot of uses and can lodge a lot of things. It will be beneficial to solve the space-lack problem, and here some inspiring ideas for you.

Breakfast Bars

Many people only have a small kitchen and do not have enough zone for a dining area. It’s not a big deal; you can use your windowsill as a table for your small breakfast bar. You just need to find some space to make it real. It doesn’t matter if it is a narrow or wide windowsill, there always will be some space for cups and plates. Sometimes that area is also enough for dining and other meals. Just placed a pair or more stools that match with your décor style and your breakfast bar is real!


Many people need at least a small office for paying bills or other stuff. For you who do not have much free space, using a windowsill can be a great solution to have a desk. It’s a great idea to combine a desk somewhere without making a whole home office. If you don’t need a large one, a narrow windowsill is still ok. You can add storage shelves whether under it or on the wall on both sides. There is an advantage if the windowsill is thick enough because you can make some drawers inside it.


If you are a person who likes reading while lying and relaxing, you may need a daybed. It will not spend many spaces because you can make a daybed by using your windowsill. All you need is covering your windowsill with some comfy fabric or just put cushions or pillows, and this is it! You can make it right if you have large and thick enough windowsill. You may also add drawers under it to keep your stuff.


Many people like to do activities like reading, working, blogging, eating, and many others on the windowsill. To make the windowsill more comfortable to do all those activities, as same as the previous idea, you just need to upholster the windowsill or add cushions or pillows to make it softer and cozy. Make sure that your windowsill is secure and stable enough to hold some weight. Let’s take a look at some ideas below and get inspired!

25. Wooden Dining Table With Some Cups And Breads On It Is Perfectly Match With A Windowsill With Wooden Shade And Patter Of The Cushions And Fabric Cover.

4. A Wooden Windowsill With Wooden Chairs Beautify With White Vases And Some Copper Lamps And A Fan.

15. Place White Fabric Cover And White Pillows On The Windowsill To Have Comfy Corner.

14. Choosing A Set Of Computer, Headphone, Book, And Stationaries On A Wooden Windowsill Is A Smart Idea.

3. A White Windowsill With Plants And Some Stuffs On It Combined With A Pair Of Black Chairs.

24. Grey And Yellow Statement Of Fabric And Cushions Is Good For White Windowsill With Bookshelves On One Side.

21. Adding Statement Pillows And Curtain To A Small White Windowsill With A White Selves Is A Good Idea.

7. Some Cups And Snacks Are Nicely Placed On The Wooden Windowsill With Its Black Chairs.

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