Maximize Your Coziness with Stockholm Sofa

Brown Leather Stockholm Sofa With The Same Shade Cushions And Table Placed On A Furry Rug In Front Of Grid Devider

For you who are looking for a high-quality-warranty cozy sofa, it is the time to give your full attention to Stockholm sofa by IKEA which is an iconic piece that was re-launched in 2017.

Filled with high bounciness foam and polyester fibers, the seat and back cushions offer you a relaxing sensation for your body because it easily regains their shape. It is divided into three-seat and two-seat sofas, and a whole variety of upholstery options. Leather and velvet are the stars among the couches and becoming a hot decor trend this time. You may choose primary colors, and leather is the best advice since such a piece will be everlasting. You may try jewel tones to make the space of yours more colorful; here velvet is the right choice. But still, you can give your creative touch to the sofa as you want, like cover it with creamy linen to favorite zone. Here are some ideas to fit in Stockholm to the area you like.

Leather Stockholm

Leather sofas comfortably fit in most of the decor styles: industrial, modern, Scandinavian, vintage, art deco, and many more. Therefore, people say it is timeless. Stockholm sofa is available in brown, black, and tan leather. The simple design together with those primary colors makes it super widespread. Having a leather Stockholm will give texture and interest to your favorite zone.

Velvet Stockholm

Velvet is one of the up-to-the-minute trends in interior design. It is not surprising news if it is widely used for upholstery because it is soft and comfy. Stockholm sofa may be found in some bold shades that make the statement in a space such as emerald, grass green, orange, and navy velvet. It is such a great idea because it is well known that emerald looks more elegant in jewel tones or black. A colored velvet Stockholm sofa will give a colorful statement in the space you choose. It can also be used to divide one area with other areas in the open layout. This great idea can be used for a monochromatic, moody, neutral, or color-blocked space.

Other Ideas

IKEA furniture is frequently hacked. To be creative, you can chop Stockholm sofa, too! If you want a fresher look from the Stockholm sofa, try to change the legs and re-upholster it. Choose the comfy and chic fabric with your favorite color or patterns, and here it comes!

A Green Sofa Facing A Wooden Round Table With Some White Chairs Around It

A Green Sofa With Red And Cream Shade Cushions, And A Table With A Vase Of Flowers, Some Books, A Cup Of Coffee, A Laptop, And A Cute Cat Statue On It

A Green Sofa With Attractive Cushions And A Wooden Table Placed In Front Of Two Windows With Some Pots In Each, A Classic Bass, And A Guitar

Black Leather Stockholm Sofa With Some Cushions And A Wooden Table On A Monochromatic Line Pattern Rug

Brown Leather Stockholm Sofa With Bold Shade Cushions And A Table With Some Black Glasses And A Book On It Placed In The Corner Of A Room With Large Window

A Red Sofa With Many Cushions In Front Of A Small Turquois Seat On A Line Rug Beside A Large Window With Some Attractive Plants

Brown Leather Stockholm Sofa With The Same Shade Cushions And Table Placed On A Furry Rug In Front Of Grid Devider

A Sofa Sofa Nicely Matched With A Black Marble Table And A Small Wooden Table On A Grey Rug

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