Masculine Touches in Living Room Decoration

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It is totally possible to create masculine appeal in living room decoration. Just like a bedroom of a grown-up man in which most likely the décor will be so muscular, a living room can be the same. There is a term man cave to often call man’s bedroom with all the manly things inside. That is the idea to create a living room with masculine decoration. The fact, there are several flairs to choose when decorating a male living room. Retro, industrial, modern, or even minimalist style can be the start. Once the main theme has been selected, adding various items will be easy to follow the idea of masculine decoration. Well, the basic things to pay attention include a sofa, coffee table, and lighting.

Main features in a living room will always include a piece of a comfortable sofa. This is considered the largest item of furniture in the living room. It means that it should be able to display masculine effect clearly as it will be the focal point. Leather sofa could be the best option since it has its decent benefits in functions while also being able to support the idea of masculine décor. There could also be ottomans, chairs, and loungers to accommodate more people within the room.

Next stuff is the coffee table. It will be the pair for the sofa. The legs or frames of the table will be the area to pay attention to delivering the proper masculine appeal. Industrial style table with metal legs can be a decent example. Glass surface with a tinted finish will be perfect. Meanwhile stained wood or raw wood table could also do the job as the masculine pair for the sofa. Consider the one with storage underneath that could be the place for sports magazines, motorcycle books, or even car miniatures.

Last but not least is the lighting for the living room. Lighting is not just the light since the shape of the flame will affect the décor. Hanging bulbs or pendants with metal covered wire will look perfect for a manly living room. On the other hand metal industrial style chandeliers will also be nice to consider. Think about the main lighting alongside some additional lights or accentuating lights within the room when needed. A perfect combination of lighting for various purposes will significantly enhance the masculine atmosphere inside the well-decorated masculine style living room.

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