Making A Simple Cozier House in Winter

White Room With Laminate Wall And Windows And A Sofa With Black Cushions And An AC

Winter is coming, and you do not feel okay with your house right now? Time to change then! It is not like buying another new house or such. We will just try to make a simple change to make your house cosier. At least there are five tips that I discuss here one by one. You can choose one of them which you think is the most appropriate, and absolutely the simplest you can apply. Ready to start?

The first tips are maximizing the windowsill. Having a windowsill is such a pleasure for everyone. And what you need to do is maximizing it with perhaps blanket and pillow if your windowsill lies inside your room. You can also try on other furniture you have and with the suitable arrangement so that you can feel your room cosier in the winter.

The second tips are applying warm texture. You may feel too cold in the winter. Thus, what you need to do is creating warm nuance in the room where you are staying. You can create that by making textures contain warmth. How is the way to apply? Choose the kinds of stuff from wool material. The colour of it can also influence. If the stuff is small, choose the bold shades. And if you have it in bigger enough size, neutral colour will be perfect.

The next step is dealing with candles. Light is romantic, and candles can be the best to represent that term. Although you will not have a special dinner, having candlelight in your room in winter time is not a bad idea. You can put it in the candle holder which is beautiful and match to the entire design of your room.

What we have for the fourth tips is applying the all-white colour design. In case of you like the nuance of winter, you will feel comfortable to be surrounded by the things related. Then, you can cover your possible furniture in white. Feel the winter outside with the warmth you create inside.

And the last tips is making scents around. You may find that the fourth tips above are all related to furniture and stuff. For this last, you will find the different one. Try scents! Create unique smell to your room so that it will give special warmth. You can first try to put citrus, cinnamon, or other herbs. Those smell good.

Taupe Color For Sofa And The Cushions And The Greenery Above With Its White Nuance On The Wall

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White Wall And Laminate Floor With Knit Long Chair And Wooden Chair And Long White Table

White Room With Laminate Wall And Windows And A Sofa With Black Cushions And An AC

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Applying Cinnamons For Scents Around The Big White Candle And The Oranges

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