Make Your Space Interesting with Ambra Lamps

Two Of Eye Catching The Ambra Lamps

Are you a person who are anti-mainstream? Are you a person who like extraordinary things? Are you a person who like a unique items? Then, you may come in the right place and time. This time, I am going to share you a unique lamp that really anti-mainstream and extraordinary that will express yourself in your favorite space. This lamp is designed in a unique shape which is really unusual and extraordinary. Having this kind of unique lamp really make your space become calm. You will not only get a calm ambience, but also you can have an eye-catching item in your space. Let’s have a look at it!

Let me present The Ambra collection. Mexican design brand studio davidpompa discovers two everlasting materials, cantera rosa and copper, then combines them to create two new lamps. The Ambra collections features a table lamp and wall lamp which are made from simple forms yet unlikely proportions. Such a design give a result of the perfect examples of sculptural fixtures that are striking and minimalist at the same time. The Ambra comes in the soft colors like pink and copper shades that are stylish and never go wrong of the style.

Since the Ambra collections are consists of a table lamp and a wall lamp, let’s have a look at them one by one. The Ambra Table lamp provides contrasting textures because of its copper cylindrical interior structure which partially fits inside the pink volcanic rock body. A round cantera disc is designed to be placed on the top of the copper tube. The cantera disc has a role as a reflector for the hidden LED light. The lamp is completed with a dimmer switch. This facility allows you to adjust the light’s intensity. Such a fabulous item!

Now, let’s take a look at the other lamp. The Ambra Wall light features two round volumes. There is a copper bas that can be attached to the wall. This piece is the larger one. The other is the cantera one. The cantera rests softly skewed above the copper base. You may use these lamps in clusters to gain much light. Your will not only get the function, but it can also beautify your space. These kind of lamps can make your space very interesting with an eye catching look from its design. Grab the item fast and make your space becomes cool and amazing!

Four Pieces Of The Ambra Lamp Attached On A Wall

A Piece Of The Ambra Lamp Attached On The Wall

Two Of Eye Catching The Ambra Lamps

Three Unique The Ambra Lamps

Two Pieces The Ambra Lamps Attached On The Walls

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