Magnetic and Gravity Themed Equilibrio Lamp from Olivelab Studio

Small Wooden Table Equilibrio Lamp Table Version And Standard Version

The modern type of stuff related to interior decoration has more and more fans today. Many homeowners love to get modern stuff in term of their design to help to maximize their interior. In term of both function and style, modern items can always be considered to be the best. Anything can then be the ideas to create such things in which uniqueness is clearly visible. Well, there is one lighting fixture from Olivelab studio based on Turin that combines magnetic and gravity attraction as the main theme of its design. Furthermore, it even symbolizes both lights and darkness in one item.

The so-called Equilibrio lamp has a really modern look all over it. Aside of that, it has its minimalist flair while also being pretty meaningful so that it really is not just a piece of a lamp. Black and white as its color finishes symbolizes darkness and lights as a fresh take on a modern style lighting fixture. Obviously, the idea of using magnetic and gravity ideas as the main elements of this lamp is a smart one. There has been no one doing this to create a wonderful lamp previously.

Overall the lamp has its two cubes in the symmetric state with magnetic rings placed at the ends of those tubes. Different materials are used to make the tubes. One is made of sanded plexiglass while the other one is made of anodized aluminum. The one made of aluminum has LEDs inside as the main lights source of this lighting fixture. Basically, the idea of a magnetic force exists to keep the two ends of the tube away from each other despite being so close. The tubes will then float in the air in a total constant equilibrium state. That is definitely where the name of the lamp came up.

The tube which is made of sanded plexiglass has its diffuser capability to be able to spread the light in a better way when two tubes are close. When the two tubes are separated, then the light can be a kind of direct source to be pointed to any direction intended for the certain purpose. It has its default state as a pendant although there is the desk version and wall version as well. Olivelab has done a decent job in designing this particular lighting fixture that is even available in different forms to really accommodate different needs of homeowners in term of the uniquely modern lighting fixture.

Small Wooden Table Equilibrio Lamp Table Version And Standard Version

Equilibrio Lamp From Olivelab Studio Black And White Tubes With Small Gap

Equilibrio Lamp Made Of Anodized Aluminum And Plexiglass Black And White Combination

Equilibrio Lamp Table Version Circular Black Base Semi Circular Black Frame Black And White Tubes

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