Living Rooms in Black Walls

A Lux Fireplace With Chandelier In A Room With Black Walls

Every statement, an atmosphere or a mood, and plenty touches of highlight can be created using color. Play with the color you like and will get different effects and looks from it. In this time, I would want to talk about how to use black in the interior. The topic will be about using back color in a living room. Are you curious enough to set it? Let’s check it out!

Black is a color that never goes wrong because it is a timeless color and it can be mixed with the other colors. Therefore, having a black statement wall is a good idea. A black statement wall will fit any style, whether it is pop art or Scandinavian, and it will stand your interior out. Although the black color is related with gloomy mood, it can be avoided by adding some neutrals or bold tone for the other decoration. Moody interior is very famous nowadays. For you who want to have such a living room, having black walls are a good idea. They will give you a relaxing atmosphere which is very inviting. Here some examples for you. Enjoy!

A Statement Black Wall

A black statement wall is a prevalent idea to be used. It can be used in a modern, luxurious, boho, eclectic, pop art, or a Scandinavian space. A black statement wall can be finished with wood, panels, wallpaper, or just the painted one. It should be the first wall you can see when you enter the space, or you may combine it with a fireplace. To make the wall more outstanding, go for a neutral room with light-colored walls and furniture. If you want something else, you may try to use bold colors such as red, pink, purple, emerald, and orange. Those colors can be just accessories or details to make the room flooded with colors.

Several Black Walls

For you who want to have a moody space, the black wall is a perfect choice. Black walls are smooth to be combined with other colors. You just need to go for black walls and add furniture and touches of the style that you like. For you who want a minimalist look, try to have bold, minimal furniture and geometric touches. For a clean glam space, you may go for crystal chandeliers, molding, vintage furniture, and some brass touches. Choose leather furniture, faux fur and proper pendant lamps for a masculine space.

Black Armchairs And Glass Top Table Placed On A Black Rug

A Sofa With Colorful Cushion In A Black Room With Many Ornaments

Two Chairs With Cushion, A Table, And A Black Fireplace In A Black Room

A Black Fireplace, Black Sofas, And Black Table In A Dark Shade Room

A Emerald Sofas And A Black Table In A Room With Black Walls

White Sofa And Some Cushions, Two Chairs, And A Wooden Table With Some Stuffs On It

A Black With Cushion And A Table In A Room Black Walls

A Black Sofas And A Black Table In A Room With Black Walls

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