Livelier Your Space with Living Walls

A Wooden Table With A Vase Of Flowers Placed In Front Of Green Living Wall

Nowadays, many things are used as decoration to beautify houses and spaces. One of them is living walls. Living walls are very popular at this time to be an idea of honor. Living walls have a magic touch that can add unique style and make your space livelier freshly and smartly. It is very flexible and fit in any area. You may be able to have it inside or outdoors. You can have it for your living room or bedroom, but it is still ok if you apply it to your garden space or your playground. It not only gives a live touch to your area but also provide a feel that makes you space will look modern. Unfortunately, there is something that might become a problem. This kind of decoration can be said very expensive and needs much upholding. Therefore, people will think twice to have it in their houses or spaces because not everyone can afford it. Don’t worry! We have good news for you. Living Wall by New Ravenna is the solution. If you do not want a real living wall to be one of your decorations because some reasons but you still want a natural touch to fill your space, this may be the right choice.

Living Wall by New Ravenna Mosaics is a luxurious garden escape in verdant greens. This living wall is made of water jet mosaic in shades of green Serenity glass. The wall pictures a fecund field of lush plants. This such a thing will give your space a crisp, lively touch and natural look but modern. It will be a very fabulous background of your area. It seems to take you to a mythical or even fairy tale garden where everything is always in bloom. It is charming and calm. You can spend much time to just relax in this space, for sure. Living Wall and other designs in the Broad Street Collection borrow from diverse artistic styles, including Impressionism and Art Deco. Good news for you that living wall can be customized by the client, so you can give your creative imagination to it. You may also experiment if you want to. The piece is also produced in different color fusion and materials. Don’t be afraid of having colorful living wall and let your imagination free from your mind.

A Wooden Table With A Vase Of Flowers Placed In Front Of Green Living Wall

The Mosaic Natural Look Detail Of A Living Wall

Two Mirrors Hanged On The Living Wall Over A Wooden Sink In Bold Shade

A Orange Sofa With Two Cushions In Different Color In Front Of A Living Wall

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