Lighting Items by DCW Editions Paris

The Shine Here Comes The Sun In The Dark

Every space needs light. Therefore, lighting item is significant in the area. Today I would like to share with you some lighting items that will make your space becomes very fabulous. DCW éditions Paris presents its stunning lighting collections. There are several series that is very suitable for numerous areas, from modern and industrial or shabby chic and vintage styles.

The item I would like talk about is the luminaire Here Comes the Sun by Bertrand Balas. Bertrand Balas is a Toulouse architect who created such a thing in August 1970. At first glance, you may see it as very ordinary and nothing special. You will be amazed when you lit Here Comes the Sun because it becomes magical.

Beside Here Comes the Sun, there is another lighting collection that is also stunning. There is Les Acrobates de Gras. This kind of lighting items is designed as full of movement, rhythm, and color that make it impressive. Les Acrobates de Gras is created in many various colors. There are lamps which are done in metallic on cords. There is also the pieces which are looked more industrial. They are done in black with two lights on metal tubing. Choose one that you think it will be the perfect choice to be placed in your space. A more stable one or with flexible parts that can be regulated every time you need is an excellent idea. Choosing the proper lighting item is very important because it can influence the style or even the atmosphere of your space, so choose the right one wisely.

Here Comes the Sun and Les Acrobates de Gras are not the only lighting collections by DCW éditions. There is also the Tube Lamp. The Tube Lamp was designed and created by an architect Dominique Perrault and a designer Gaëlle Lauriot-Prévost. They collaborated in making the fantastic and fabulous the Tube Lamp. Why is it wonderful? Because such a piece is designed and made to be utterly original, almost indestructible, unbreakable, timeless, and durable.

As the lighting items are very crucial and important in space, plenty producers and designers create lighting items. DCW éditions Paris also does the same. Besides the three collections that have been mentioned, there are still another who is also fantastic. Let’s have a look at them and choose something to light your space. Enjoy!

Mantis BS1 Lamp Near A Round Window In A Wooden Floor Room

The Shine Here Comes The Sun In The Dark

Les Acrobates De Gras Over A Wooden Counter With Some Chairs

Les Acrobates De Gras Over A Wooden Dining Table With Some Glasses And Bottle On It, And Some Chairs Around It

ISP Wall Lamp On The Wall Beside A Mirror

Mantis Lamp On The Wooden Wood Hung Over Some Pillows

In The Tube Lamp In The Stone Wall

Les Doubles De Gras Lamp A White Kitchen Counter

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