Knit and Crochet Décor Items to Incorporate in Any Décor Style

Raizes Furniture Of Nicole Tomazi In Cream Knitted Finish

Getting the interior warmer to embrace fall and winter times is purely essential. Aside from just preparing for the clothes to wear during those cold times, it is also important to set up the interior properly so that the heat inside the house could be maximized. So, there are certain items made of certain materials that could be so helpful during fall and winter. Knit and crochet items are the things to consider when prepping for fall and winter times.

There are the knitted stools of Claire-Anne O’Brien that will simply display exotic appeal. The seat cushions knitting are the main features of this collection of stool. It looks vintage that could even remind everyone of grandmother’s touch in knitted stuff. It is a perfect choice of stool for fall and winter times. Furthermore, there are the Crochet petal stools of Iota in highly cozy flair. Gathered crocheted yarns are the materials of this set of items that are accompanied by knotted cushions and rugs within the collection of this Tel Aviv brand.

Nicole Tomazi offers knitted lamps in the Raizes Collection. The lamps are knitted in oversized form with nautical rope as well. It was inspired by the ways that root grows naturally. It is said that her grandmother taught the craft technique of Tomazi in creating this item. Three sizes in various colors are available to choose. Next item to consider is the one from Veega Tankum in the form of knit furniture. It emphasizes crafting comfort in which traditional knitting techniques are used in the manufacturing process. Unusual materials including rubber, bungee cords and felt are used to maximize the finished items.

Students of Rhode Island School of Design created knit and crochet furniture in style. They were challenged to rethink the use of soft materials in furniture items and designs with the outstanding results of knitted furniture. Knitting, weaving, knotting, and crocheting is all done in the manufacturing process to get the best result. There is another brand named Monomoka that released a set of crocheted furniture. It features individual handmade parts in each of the items in which the individual parts are sewn together to create the large piece. It is unique looking and so comfortable to sit on it. One last choice of knitted and crocheted items for fall and winter is the Granny pendant lamp. It is a pendant lamp with knitted woolen shade designed by Pudelskern. The name of this lamp implies the close affiliation of knitted items with a grandmother.

Monomoka Crocheted Furniture In Black And Blue

Knitted Stools Collection Of Claire Anne O’brien Wooden Legs Colorful Knitted Cushions

Knit And Crochet Furniture Of Rhode Island School Of Design Chair With Metal Legs And Red Knitted Cushion

Raizes Furniture Of Nicole Tomazi In Cream Knitted Finish

Knit Furniture By Veega Tankun White Wooden Floor Neutral Colored Walls White Top Wooden Table Wooden Chair Blue Knitted Cushion Knitted Containers

Iota Crochet Petal Stools Metal Black Legs

Granny Pendant Lamps Knitted Shades In Neutral And Violet

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