Jolie Desk, the Desk of the Work of Art

A Desk With Two Drawers In Green Shade Paired With Wooden Green Chair Placed Near Some Pillows

Are you a person who like art? Are you a person who love vintage and refined items? This time I would want to talk about elegant furniture, and it will be a desk. For you who are looking for not only an ordinary office but also a refined piece, almost an artwork that will grab everyone’s eye with its lines and unique materials, this one is a good news for you! This piece is made and designed by a fashion design brand, not only the ordinary but the prevalent one. Therefore, it is not surprising that the desk can be said as a work of art.

The desk is called the Jolie Desk. It is designed by Armani Casa. This kind of office is made from dark elm wood and green leather. Those materials are included in the list of unusual materials. Jolie’s desk is done with a winding shape and detailed construction. This desk is extraordinary. The materials used to make this piece are very authentic. Besides, the lines and the forms are also designed as exceptional but gorgeous. The Jolie desk is completed with two functional drawers. It can be high function storages to keep your stuff. Besides the two drawers, such an office is also supplemented with leather pockets on both sides. These pockets allow you to have a practical way to keep papers and magazines in a second. Very smart and functional, isn’t it?

The visible seams reward the Armani traditional skin. Talking about the name, Jolie in French means beautiful. People will think that such a desk is made in France when they hear the title for the first time. That is all wrong. Although the name is from French, this kind of desk is made in Italy.

The Jolie Desk come in the spirit of cosmopolitan and refine. This piece is very proper to be placed in a library and a foyer. This kind of desk will bring a unique feel to space. If you want to have one in your private home office, you may grab it also. A person who likes unusual thing in their home office will be very excited about this piece. Such an idea will bring a unique and exquisite touch to your home office, and this will be very helpful because of its functionality. Don’t overthink to grab one!

A Desk With Two Drawers In Green Shade With A Lamp And A Frame On It Paired With Wooden Green Chair

A Desk With Two Drawers In Green Shade

A Desk With Two Drawers In Green Shade Paired With Wooden Green Chair Placed Near Some Pillows

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