Inspiring ideas of Analogous Interior Color Scheme

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Selecting the right color scheme for a particular interior decoration will enhance the overall appeal of the room. Surely there are many options to consider when choosing a color scheme for a place. So, one of the beautiful ideas in term of color scheme is to go for the so-called similar colors. Basically, these colors called analogous will be the three colors located next to each other within the color wheel. The idea is to make use of similar tones and shades of specific colors so that the overall appeal will be just right and lovely. These are some ideas regarding the use of analogous colors.

The blue-green combination is a decent one since there are many shades of either one of them to choose. Bold shades of them will be a nice combination to create a bold decoration style. Teal green along with turquoise will be nice. Meanwhile lime green and emerald could work as well. The use of the selected tones does not need to be the main colors of the room. They could just be the accentuating colors within the room itself. Neutral room using bright neutral colors will be a perfect canvas for the combination of analogous colors featuring blues and greens.

Another perfect option within the use of analogous colors involving blue is to combine it with violet. The result will be pretty similar to the blue-green combination. This one is considered a bit more dramatic. Regardless of the selected shades to get along, violets and blues will always create decent appeal at the end. The Whimsical atmosphere of the room alongside boho accents can easily be obtained by the use of the violet-blue combination of analogous colors.

Moving into the greens, they can easily be combined with yellows as well. The result will be fresh appeal all over the room. Sunny yellow as an example will be perfect to freshen up space when combined with grass green. It can even help people to raise their moods. Emerald green along with neon yellow will be another example to create a nice and lively room. Well at the end the opportunity is endless. There are so many possible combinations to choose in dealing with analogous colors. Even reed can be just fine alongside orange and orange could look better with yellow. Decide the main idea and theme of the decoration and pick the right analogous colors combination for the best décor.

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