Industrial Style Residence with Light Shades All Over

Copper Fireplace Low Wooden Coffee Table On Wheels Corner Sofa Grey Curtain Artworks Sculptural Ceiling Lamp Wooden Kitchen Island Mwtal Chair Wooden Floor

Decorating residential house in an industrial style often leads to a somewhat dark and moody decoration of its interior at the end. Mainly many modern touches can be done by implementing dark colors and rough textures so that the appeal will not be too welcoming and inviting. It does not have to be like that all the times though. Toda, there are more and more people who tend to try something new and different than before. Such decoration in industrial style can be filled with the opposite ideas of color schemes as well as textures. Surely it will not be like any other industrial style house at all.

Dmitry Sheleg and Zrobym Architects created a welcoming and invited residential house in industrial style decoration. Large home with its 3,014 square feet size in Minsk, Belarus offers a different atmosphere and feels out of an industrial style interior. At a glance, this house has industrial-influenced things within its interior alongside rough textures here and there. The overall appeal of the home remains to be so warm and cozy, unlike any other industrial style residences. Well, how could it be done that way?

The warm color palette is used inside the house to eliminate the commonly dark atmosphere in an industrial style interior décor. It also features a double-height living area with a kitchen as the center area of the house. An iconic feature in its living room is a fireplace in the copper clad finish. It descends right from the ceiling to boost the modern accent of this house. Both the coffee table and the chandelier there scream industrial all over. The large corner sofa offers the highest level of comfort in the living room. Concrete countertops alongside copper cabinets and a beautiful looking chandelier can be found in the kitchen.

Meanwhile, in the bedroom, there are several industrial features as well. Brick headboard wall and a nice looking vertical garden right on the wall can be said to be the focal point in the bedroom. Big windows and a hearth complete the décor in both style and function. There is also a home office in airy color scheme featuring a single desk along with some sculptural style chairs. In the end, the entire things inside this large house come together nicely. The industrial style can be seen there without having to be too dark or even gloomy.

Corner Hearth Large Floor Lamp Brick Wall Wooden Platform Bed Hanging Bulbs Potted Plant

Large White Shade Hanging Lamps Mismatching Dining Chairs Dining Table On Wheels Wooden Floor Ceiling Lamps

Concrete Wall Panels Brick Wall Black Framed Wall Floating Toilets Potted Plant Tile Floor Ceiling Lamp

Copper Fireplace Low Wooden Coffee Table On Wheels Corner Sofa Grey Curtain Artworks Sculptural Ceiling Lamp Wooden Kitchen Island Mwtal Chair Wooden Floor

Large Bathroom Tile Floor Potted Plant Flowers Corner Black Framed Window Ceiling Lamps Wooden Cabinet Wall Towel Rack

High Metal Shelf Wooden Boards Book Wooden Crates Wooden Round Table Geometrical Chair Metal Office Desk Hanging Bulbs Twin Blue Hanging Lamps Oversized Wall Artwork

Wooden Floor Metal High Shelf Wooden Boards Hanging Bulbs Blue Shade Hanging Lamps Sculptural Chairs Round Small Table Working Desk Laptop Paintings Grey Curtains Wooden Ceiling Beams Metal Caged F

Dark Grey Curtain Metal Large Floor Lamp Wooden Bed Platform White Bedding Brick Wall Headboard Accent Wall Artwork Books Hanging Bulbs Concrete Wall Green Accents Metal Small Table Flat Tv

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