Industrial Accents Complete a Beautifully Designed Monochrome Interior

Black Bed White Bedding Metal Black Clothes Rack Small Wooden Stool Black Curtain Wooden Wardrobe Patterned Rug

A simple interior décor in the monochromatic color scheme could be boosted further to look even better. Even the idea of the monochromatic color scheme itself is a decent one when done properly. There will not be boring atmosphere within the space when everything is just right. Yet some other accents or touches can still be added to the décor to make sure that it looks like nothing else but great. Surprisingly some additions of texture alongside industrial touches in a monochrome interior could really enhance the look of the space. Restrained tones within the space are enhanced by the contrasting look of industrial flairs in some areas of the interior.

Laura Seppanen did the decoration with the idea of maximizing a traditional Scandinavian color scheme with the help of industrial flairs. The highly visible thing within the space is the rough brick wall in the middle of the bright monochromatic interior. It is a decent focal point for the décor for sure. It is actually the living room in which there is a brick wall there while the rest of the walls alongside the floor are in the white finish. Furthermore, there are black furniture items alongside concrete table to help to create a better appearance of the living area. There is even a black and white piano within the décor that looks just nice.

The minimalist appeal of the use of monochromatic color scheme continues to the master bedroom area. It is highly laconic and peaceful at the same time. Grey touches of walls and nightstands can be seen there accompanying a large bed with black curtains. The floor looks highly industrial with just a bit of unique flair given by abstract arts in the wall. The light wooden wardrobe is there equipped with clothes to rack for easier use of that piece.

Wooden floor alongside black cabinets can be seen in the kitchen space. The rest of the items there are in white that really create a lightweight appeal of the décor in the most beautiful way possible. Meanwhile, the countertops are made of metal while the backsplash is made of concrete to deliver the industrial flairs within the kitchen. Metal cart is there as well within the scope of the industrial flair of the space. It is highly surprising that the combination of classic Scandinavian décor in a monochromatic color scheme with that industrial flairs and added textures could be this good for a modern living space.

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