Indoor Garden Design Inspired by Lego and Minecraft Blocks

Different Plants In Legrow Indoor Garden System

Adding greenery to interior spaces is a clever way of bringing a fresher feel to the décor. It is true that potted plants and flowers have been popularly used in many living spaces to accentuate the décor as well as enhancing freshness of the space. Concerning this matter, there have been some proper designs of indoor garden stuff to be considered as a smart solution of adding greenery to any interior space. One of them is the LeGrow by Haobin Lin. The main inspiration for this piece is actually the so-called boxy design of Lego or Minecraft blocks. That design idea makes it perfect to be added to any modern interior space in no time. Even a small living space in the middle of a modern city will get the benefit of using this indoor garden.

Haobin Lin is a Chinese designer with industrial style in mind when creating this set of indoor garden pieces. It was actually initiated by the need of introducing gardening to his daughter that the idea of making such piece of the indoor garden comes to mind. Adding a bit of modern element inspired by pop culture is just a clever touch to make the finished item getting popular easily. Thus the modular design of cubic blocks from Lego or Minecraft can be seen all over the planter system named LeGrow.

So, it is not just a planter like anything else. It can even be considered to be a smart planter in which the pots are equipped with the internal reservoir. It keeps water inside and controls the amount of water to be distributed to each plant on it. Furthermore, it comes with dual bulb LED as well to act as an artificial sun. Thus the plants on it will be able to grow as if they are placed in the outdoor area. During winter season and in a low-light area there will be no problems for the plants to grow when placed on this planter.

Obviously, all the automatic features including the lamps are powered by a battery in which it can be charged through a USB port. Different configurations can even be made along the way in using this LeGrow indoor garden. Now it will be easy to add greenery to any modern interior space which will not need complicated cares and treatments to keep the plants in their best state. LeGrow offers all the essential features of the planter for any interior space.

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Different Plants In Legrow Indoor Garden System

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