Indoor but Outdoor Hawaii House

A Spot Of The House Features Two Sets Of Grey Sofa With Some Cushions And A Set Of Wooden Dining Table

Winter is sometimes boring. All we see is just snow and all white. The temperature also occasionally unfriendly and make us miss sunlight. Indulging in tropical island inspiration is what we need in the middle of winter. By imagining the hit of the sun and the wind that slowly blows through a palm tree. This time, we would like to make you feel the sea breeze on your face and hear the sing of exotic birds.

Walker Warner Architects presented a project that they fulfilled on one of the Hawaiian Islands. In their plan, they were the concern on the priceless surrounding landscape. Their task was quite hard and pretty challenging. They had to maximize the views while maintaining privacy for the people later on. Maximizing lights means that the building was supposed to be open to get the beautiful view. It is also should be private which means it was supposed to be not open to keep the privacy of the occupants. Can you imagine how hard that task? They also had to fulfill the requirements of restrictions placed that limit the construction’s allowable square footage. It should be somber thought in designing the building. Because of a great idea, the house has an air wall-optional construction which nicely fits for indoor or outdoor lifestyle. It is also useful idea for the people who like to have warm family gatherings. Such a multifunctional item! The house retells both of a cabin and an ocean-faring ship and a subdued and sophisticated palette of materials. Then, the colors remind of the sand, volcanic rocks and trees around. It reflects the Hawaiian Island itself with all of the scenery.

To fulfill the task of maximizing the view but still private, all of the spaces in the house can be opened through the large windows or transparent walls. Then, each area from the living room to the guest bedrooms is both indoor and outdoor ones. Amazing isn’t it? The sceneries are caught by the same windows and glazed walls, so the people of the house can see the beauty of the landscapes outside from a corner. The furniture from natural wood is chosen to be the indoor decoration. In the inside, you may see a good choice of modern furnishing of wood and comfortable upholstery. Because of the smart arrangement of the look, the house seems to be a significant area which is separated by the walls and there for private space. Do you want to see more? Have a look at some pics below!

A Set Of Wooden Dining Table Is Placed Near An Area With Many Grey Sofas That Are Very Comfy

Two Level Of White Bed With Wooden Frame Connected By A Metal Wooden Stair On A Corner Of A Room

A Large Set Of Grey Sofa Fulfill A Room With Wooden Ceiling And An Artwork As The Ornament

A Woman Run Through A House With Some Palm Trees That Beautifies It

A Spot Of The House Features Two Sets Of Grey Sofa With Some Cushions And A Set Of Wooden Dining Table

You Can See A Nice View From A Large Wooden Frame Window And Sit On The White Sofas Near It

A Wooden Dining Table Seeing From A Path Between Two Grey Comfy Sofas With Some Cushion On It In The Wooden Ceiling Room

Water Flows Through A Water Stream Path Between Stones Beside The House

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