Ideas about Wood Clad Walls Bedrooms

A Lux Bed With A Lux Lamp Over It And Two Black Side Tables In Front Of A Wooden Clad Wall

Wood is a timeless material which is always on trend. It is also can give maximum coziness and comfort to every space. Therefore, using wood for your decoration is a great idea. For you who are trying to make a change in your interior, or create a space with something new, wood can be an excellent choice. A wood-clad is a great unique idea for you who want to add wood to your area. In this great time, I would like to talk about the bedroom with wood clad.

Cladding the whole bedroom is proper for cabin and chalet spaces, but for the other styles, it is not. One accent wall clad with wood will be enough to bring texture and attractive point of view of your space. The headboard wall is the most usual because it is the first place where you look when you enter the room. Here are some ideas about the wooden bedroom that might inspire you. Enjoy!

Light-Colored Wooden Walls

For you who have light-colored and neutral spaces, you may go for whitewashed wood. It can add texture to space but still keep it neutral. The light colors help to make space look more prominent. You can choose to have a light-colored reclaimed wooden wall in various shades to make your area more outstanding.

Natural-Colored Wooden Walls

For you who need more coziness and texture bedroom, having a natural-colored wooden wall is an excellent choice. It can be a reclaimed or pallet one, stained and made more natural. You may choose the wood in the shades that you like and create a headboard in the same color. To show it, specify the various shades of wood, and seal your walls with it. Grey wood is also welcome if it fits the style of your interior.

Dark Wooden Walls

If you want to make a statement in your interior, just go for a dark wooden wall, especially for the neutral or colorful interior. The dark wall can be the base to create a moody space, or just add a rustic feel to a modern area and contrast modern furniture. A black wooden fence is a great idea to try because it is unique. It can be a very bold detail if you have it in your neutral space. Add candles, lamps, or even a window to give more light, and your statement wall can be very outstanding.

A Bed With Colorful Pillows In Front Of White Wooden Clad Wall

A Minimalist Bed With Red Side Table In Front Of A Wooden Clad Wall

A Bed In Grey Shade Of Pillows And Blanket In Front Of A Black Wooden Clad Wall

A Bed In Dark Shade Place On A Rug In Front Of A Wooden Clad Wall With An Artwork Hung On It

A Minimalist Bed With Brown Blanket In Front Of A Wooden Clad Wall With A Glazed Part On It

A Bed With White And Yellow Pillows, Black Blanket, And A Wooden Side Table With A Yellow Lamp On It In Front Of A Wooden Clad Wall

A Bed With Animal Skin Pillows And Dark Colored Blanket In Front Of A Wooden Clad Wall

A Bed With Orange Shades Pillows And Blanket In Front Of A Wooden Clad Wall

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