How to Make Your Bathroom Glam

A Shiny Silver Clawfoot Bathtub With A Glam Chandelier Over It

A bathroom in your house can be a favorite place because in the bathroom you can relax as well as wash off all of your problems and matters. Therefore, it is crucial for you to have a bathroom with right decoration and interior that can give you comfort and relaxing feel. For those of you who love luxurious and glamorous bathrooms, you can design a bathroom with extraordinary, where you can feel like a king or queen every time you spend your time inside. By having such a bathroom, you can also grab people’s attention through your photo on Instagram. Here some fresh ideas that you can try. Let’s check this out!

Walls and Floors

Marble will bring a luxurious and glam feel when you use it to cover walls and floors, for sure. It can be black, white, grey, or many other colors. You may use the same marble to include the whole bathroom. If you want to use dark-colored limestone on the floor and the light-colored one on the wall is also ok. Using a marble-based platform for your bathtub is a great idea. The other idea that you can try has a shiny wall with a penny tile statement wall or just a part of it. This idea will highlight the bathtub, shower, or the sink. There is plenty variation of shiny tiles, so be free to choose the right one.


Mirrors are an undeniable part of any glam interior. Hanging a large mirror or placing it on the floor is a nice idea to bring a glam feel to your bathroom, even it just a usual one. You can try to have an oversized mirror in a refined vintage frame, or make a mirror wall and add a large mirror to highlight the effect produced. Try mirrored furniture like a vanity. It will make your bathroom shinier.

Bathtubs and Sinks

Two items which should you have in your bathroom is a bathtub and a sink. Therefore, you have to choose the right one carefully to fit the glam style. The clawfoot tub and just a standing shower are a relief probably the right one for your luxurious bathroom. Try a glossy metal shiny or sparkling bathtub to make your bathroom super luxurious, but if you just want a modern luxury thing like that is not necessary. Try a free-standing oval bathtub in white color then your bathroom will be looked glam in a modern way. You may go for marble vanities, the chic metallic and mirror ones. Then, find shiny metal sinks to look complete.

A Mirror Hung Over A White Sink

A Marble Sink With A Large Mirror And A Pot Of Flower

A Large Mirror Placed Beside A White Bathtub With Chandelier Over It

A Shiny Copper Wall Near A Black Bathtub

A Shiny Metal Tiles And Mirror Over A White Sink

A Shiny Silver Clawfoot Bathtub With A Glam Chandelier Over It

A Shiny Penny Tiles In A Bathroom With Grey Shades

A Mirror Hung Over A Sink With Drawers

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