How to Have a Minimalist Interior

A Kitchen With Marble Kitchen Island And Some Wooden Stools

Minimalist style and clean, minimal looks are the hottest trends at this time. Many people follow that kind of style for their dwellings. Here, I am going to give some tips that may be useful and helpful for you who want to make your spaces into minimalist spaces, whether it is a kitchen, a bathroom, or a bedroom. There are three tips that you can choose. First of all, you have to choose the proper color for your space. Second, adjust the furniture with the color you have selected earlier. Then, add some textures to make your area more fabulous. Now, come closer and let’s check it out!

Neutral Colors Or Monochrome

Minimalist style is related to clean looks, and it can be achieved with neutrals. Choosing the color like white, cream, light grey, and various off-white shades will be very helpful. To make the interior more outstanding, you just need to add some natural wood or cork touches, place some pots of greenery and blooms. If you want a bolder and more contrast look, you may go for a monochromatic palette with black and white, dark grey and white, or some other colors like that. Any contrasting shades would do. Use the 60/30/10 rule. It means 60% of light shades, 30% of the dark tones, and the rest is for some natural wood accents, for example.

Furniture Is the Key

Furniture is the main thing in a minimalist space because such an area is pretty clean. The furniture should be matching, functional, and comfy. To highlight it, you may go for much-uncluttered space. Select an item with a pure line classification that has a natural element. Don’t worry and don’t be afraid of investing in high-quality pieces because such items will make up the whole space. Choose the most comfortable and functional upholstery because they can make the space more welcoming and charming.

Add Textures

Minimalist spaces looked a bit boring especially if you use many light shades. To avoid that, you can add textural touches. Natural wood, cork, metals, tiles, stone, concrete, and marble are excellent materials to make your space more attractive. Natural wood furniture and furniture frames will make your space warm. Beautiful tiles in the kitchen and bathroom will make the space outstanding. A marble backsplash and kitchen island will add luxurious feeling. Cork is very proper to be used in bathrooms and kitchens, or you may go for concrete since it is very minimalist, affordable, and fit every space.

A Kitchen With Marble Kitchen Island And Some Wooden Stools

A Minimalist Living Room With Black Sofas And A Small Coffee Table On A Rug

A Minimalist Living Room With White Sofas And A Small Coffee Table On A Rug Near A Fireplace

A Minimalist Reading Nook Features A Daybed With Red Cushion, A Lamp, And A Small Table With Books On It

A Minimalist Kitchen In Grey Shade With A Round Table And Some Chairs Around It

Wooden Cabinets Open Shelving Full Of Ornaments

A Minimalist Living Room In Wooden Floor Features Grey Sofa With Colorful Cushions And A Tv On The Wooden Desk

A Minimalist Living Room With Grey Sofa, Black Chair, And A Small Table On A White Rug

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