How To Create a Chic Makeup Nook

A White Glass Top Table With A Large Mirror And A Small Round Mirror Paired With An Acrylic Chair

Girls always do make up for sure. Therefore, they need a makeup nook. It can be the small or the large one. The size can be arranged depending on the space that they have. The makeup nook must be comfortable to be used, and girls should have everything they need here to do makeup fast and efficiently. Do you want to know how to make a comfy makeup nook? Here some tips for you. Check it out!

Dressing Table/Vanity

A vanity can be said as the main thing you must have in your makeup look, so choose it carefully and wisely based on the style and colors of your space and also what you need. For you who have enough area, you can freely choose a vanity that you like. You may select a vintage desk which is turned into pride or maybe a large, sleek white vanity with a glass top. Having a glass top vanity is a great idea because if you do something wrong and accidentally spill something on the tabletop, you can quickly clean the top. Most of the vanities (or desks) have drawers, and it will be great for storage to keep your stuff inside. For you who have a tiny space, you can go for a small vanity or a floating one; even a narrow shelf is welcomed. It might be not comfortable enough to sit there, but a rack is enough for makeup.


Beside a vanity, a mirror is also essential for a makeup look. Choose the right one which fit your pride and the style of your space. You may go for a simple modern mirror and just put it on the table, or grab a mirror on the wall with lights on both sides which will be very comfy and glam. Feel free to choose any mirrors. You may select geometric, vintage, glam, or industrial mirror. For you who only have a small vanity, I suggested you wanted a proper mirror and hung it on the wall.


A beauty nook needs much light, and natural light will be the best for makeup. Therefore, making a windowsill makeup niche is a good idea. As a simple way, you may just place you vanity next to the window to get the natural light you need. Additional views are also still necessary. It can be a table lamp, a wall one or several ones or maybe a trendy makeup mirror with light on both sides. You can also choose a mirror with light frames.

A Mint Desk With A Mirror Over It And Many Make Up On It Paired With A Stool Covered With White Fur Fabric

A White Desk With Many Makeup On It Placed As A Windowsill Paired With A White Fur Stool

A Mirror Vanity Paired With An Acrylic Chair With A Fabric On It

A Glazed Vanity With A Round Mirror Over It Paired With A White Chair Covered By A Fur Fabric

A Hanging Desk With A Mirror And Many Make Up On It Paired With A Stool On A White Rug

A Mirror Vanity And A Grey Bench Placed Beside A Window

A Makeup Lights On The Mirror Placed On The White Desk With Many Drawers Paired With A Monochrome Chair

A Hanging Mirror With Additional Storage Full Of Makeup, Perfumery, And A Pot

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