Hottest Cribs and Cots in Style with Ultimate Functionality

The Illeta Crib Design By Teehee Light Wooden Finish Wooden Flooring White Bedding And Pillows Potted Plant A Mother And A Baby

Furniture items are not just for adults or even kids. Even babies need certain furniture items that fortunately there are some hot choices to think about. These are some of the hottest cribs and cots that can deliver both functional purpose and style aspect at the same time.

Well, starting this list is this Illeta crib design by Teehee. This piece of furniture is a smart piece of furniture since it can even be updated later on following the growth of the baby using it. It includes a large-sized cabinet to store clothes and supplies for the baby. It is actually part of a set with cushions, bed coverings, as well as standalone beds and cribs. Next choice is the one from Leander named Linea Cot. It has the similar concept as the previous one with the idea of growing alongside the baby. It can be altered to be a regular crib, a toddler bed, and a two-seater sofa at the end just to make sure that it will be around for an extended period for the baby.

Shaun Milburn created the so-called Babycotpod in two different models named Cuba and Cascara. Both models come with convenient handles to easily transport the crib itself with a baby in it. The idea is to look futuristic especially with the Cascara while Cuba is a rather simpler looking version. The next one is a mix of traditional craft alongside innovative processes and techniques that delivers the beauty of this cradle bed by Kenneth Cobonpue. It has a nice looking shape of the mood with steel structure and clear light. The cradle itself is removable to be functioned as a bed. Furthermore, there is the Gradient Crib done by Nursery Works featuring a 3D skin that looks really nice. Solid maple hardwood is processed in which a fluid surface of it creates the oval shape of this crib. It is nothing but unique.

Snoo crib design by Yves Behar is another decent choice with speakers, microphones and even sensors attached into its main structure. Those features will lead the crib to create a movement accordingly to bring the baby to sleep. It even has its app so that parents can monitor their babies. Even Ford has its own crib named Max Motor that has its purpose of soothing babies gently so that they will easily sleep. Well, a car journey is programmed in a simulation in doing that matter. One last choice is the one by Jall called Rocky crib design. It has been developed by Jall & Tofta to be a modular piece. It can be turned to 180 degrees and even transformed into a children bed so that it could be useful for years.

The Babycotpod Futuristic Design By Shaun Milburn In Black White And Bbrown Finish

The Illeta Crib Design By Teehee Light Wooden Finish Wooden Flooring White Bedding And Pillows Potted Plant A Mother And A Baby

The Rocky Crib Design By Jall White Finish Yellow Cushions Patterned Cover Two Little Kids Playing On It

The Gradient Crib Design By Nursery Works 3D Exterior Skin Design A Baby In It Olive Upholstered Seating White Chair Glazed Walls Bubble Shaped Pendant

The Moon Shaped Cradle Design By Kenneth Cobonpue Steel Legs Structure Rose Cushion

The Max Motor Dreams Baby Crib Design By Ford White Exterior Finish Wooden Accent Metal Legs

The Linea Cot Design From Leander Wooden Material Grey Mattress And Pillows Concrete Flooring Round Wicker Rug Wooden Changing Table And Storage Shelf

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