Highly Practical Shelving Units for Modern Dwellings

The Serpent Modular Shelving Unit By Bashko Trybek Light Wooden Surfaces Colorful Holders

Storage unit in any form is a crucial element of any living space. Mostly, homeowners will find storage items that can easily be placed and used in any area within their houses. It means that whenever needed the storage units should be able to be moved quickly. Well, practicality is surely one defining factor in modern furniture pieces that people will love to have and use. So, these are some of the best options of practical shelves for modern spaces.

Mymito GmbH has its Cubit modular shelving system to offer in 8 depths and 25 sizes. It can be configured freely to meet different needs of storage to keep many things. Even a challenging space in compact size will not be a problem for this shelving unit. Meanwhile, Elena Del Signore, Giuseppe Morando, and Marcella Del Signore offer the Helix in the form of wall shelving unit. Yet it is actually a modular and adjustable unit that can be placed even on the ceilings. Infinite layouts can be formed when using this shelving unit. Next, there is the Air Shelving System of LAGO in absolute transparency. It is made of 8-mm tempered glass that makes it seems to be floating.

Chuck shelving unit from Hafriko is the next option with its flexibility. Flexible wooden planks are there to form this shelf set by two pieces of stainless steel locking collars at both ends. In short, it can adapt to the things placed on it. Stephanie Hornig delivers an idea of an expanding shelving unit to fill any available space for this storage unit. It is made of beech-wood frame alongside folded steel shelves and scissor-like pivoting system with safety rails. Furthermore, there is the Serpent by Bashko Trybek in the form of a modular shelving system. It will easily be adjusted to fit both the available space and the need of storage.

Next is the Up The Wall by Bent Hansen Studio in which it is a set of long and short shelves. It creates a kind of asymmetrical cross forming the actual beauty of this storage unit. Link Shelf of Studio Hansen is a customizable shelving system made of steel and ash wood. There are four shelves in different lengths but same width and depth. Another option is Build by Movisi that features flexible modular elements in the form of a beautifully designed storage unit. It is easy to disassemble when needed to be moved to a new location. One last choice is Graphite from GRAPHITE in the form of a hexagon. Its six sides can easily be connected to other pieces in forming specific configuration to meet different needs of it as a storage unit.

The Air Shelving System From LAGO Clear Acrylic Base Posts White Finished Surfaces Books Sculptural Chair Area Rug

The Helix By Marcella Del Signore, Giuseppe Morando And Elena Del Signore Edgy Wall Shelving Units In White Books

The Cubit Modular Shelving Unit By Mymito GmbH Colorful Finishes Various Sizes

The Chuck Shelving Unit By Hafriko Books Flexible Wooden Planks Stainless Steel Locks

The Serpent Modular Shelving Unit By Bashko Trybek Light Wooden Surfaces Colorful Holders

The Up The Wall Shelving Unit From Bent Hansen Studio Asymmetricla Construction Wall Mounted Installation Books Flowers Decorative Items

The Expanding Shelving Unitby Stephanie Hornig Flexible Construction Books Globe Lamp Towel

The Hexagonal Design Of Graphite Modular Shelving From GRAPHITE

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