Highly Practical Round Top Mellow Side Table with Speakers and Chargers

Mellow Side Table Simple And Compact Design Wooden Legs Wooden Top Grey Fabric Base Covering

A modern piece of furniture item is commonly pretty practical in many ways. It often serves many different functions at once. The fact that more functions in one item are better affects the development of design concerning modern furniture items. It could be even better when the functions of an item are all the common needs of people today. Well, there is this one side table named Mellow that will guarantee to be a highly practical piece of a side table for modern spaces. It is pretty simple in its appeal, but it comes with just the needed features that most people will need today.

This Mellow table is a small round top side table with a fresh idea of integrating technology into the modern design of furniture item. In short, this side table comes with built-in speakers as well as chargers so that it can be considered as a multimedia table. The integration of technology within itself means that people can always depend on it to stay connected which is pretty necessary today, right?

Just under its surface, there is the set of features that no other table could probably offer. There are four speakers in 15W of power alongside four passive radiators. That set of speakers will be enough to turn any room into a kind of cinema in no time. Indeed, that enjoyment level of music files and movies or videos will be enhanced by pairing this table with daily used gadgets. The term of the multimedia table is perfect for this table since it can work seamlessly in wireless connection with many devices. It is possible to g for a rather classic way of using auxiliary cable as the input to this table. It is fair to say that this table is more like a portable speaker with a large enough surface to function as a table, right?

Underneath its classy wood and fabric mix of build, there is the power of a 6600mAh battery. It is possible to use this table for about 7 hours in the form of continuous playback. Well, that battery is also capable of charging smartphones or gadgets since there are USB slots as well. The control interface of this table is in its fabric façade to increase and decrease the volume level as well as selecting tracks to play. Well, this Mellow table is a convenient piece of a side table with just the things that most people needed today.

Mellow Wooden Top Side Table Wooden Legs Grey Fabric Base Covering Potted Cactus Integrated USB Ports Smartphone Charging

Mellow Side Table Simple And Compact Design Wooden Legs Wooden Top Grey Fabric Base Covering

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