Highly Functional Utensil Holder from Kohler Named Lift

Lift Utensil Holder In Black Wooden Cabinet Grey Finish Tissue Roll White Equipment Basket Spray Bottle

Within the fast scope of home furnishing and interior decoration, there are so many popular brands all over the globe. They have the common purpose of delivering the best possible items that will make the life of their customers easier about daily routine. Well, aside from IKEA, Kohler is a well-known brand as well with many decent items related to household stuff. The idea of great items may not be the same of one another, but one thing for sure is that Kohler has its standards in creating great items for its customers worldwide. Lift is one of many products from Kohler with its high standards to be considered as decent household items. What is offered by Kohler in its utensil holder named Lift?

It is said that Lift is the ultimate answer to wet-utensil problems. It has been designed carefully by Kohler so that it is perfectly capable of taking on all sorts of utensils within any household. The fact that it is capable of doing such thing does not mean that all of the utensils will be treated the same. The lift has its smart ways of treating various utensils in different ways so that each utensil will be perfectly ready to use later on. So it is not just a kind of utensil tray in which all sorts of utensils are placed and treated the same way.

The lift has its upward raising barrier that will be perfect to place large utensils properly. Such type of utensils will include saucepans and casseroles which will not be a problem at all for Lift. There is no need to worry that they will fall. The barrier can be collapsed when not in use so that regular utensils can be stacked following the groovy surface of the Lift.

Furthermore, there is a very neat collapsible holder for cutlery. It is pretty much the same as the barrier which can be collapsed when not in use. It can then be opened to provide the right spots for cutlery. Another rack is available to deal with dry stemware such as wine glasses without having to worry about any problem at all. One last feature is that it comes with a water channel at the base of itself so that the water will run directly to the sink.

Lift Utensil Holder In Black Blue Pans Blue Dishes Metal Sink Tiny Tile Wall

Lift Utensil Holder In Black Wooden Cabinet Grey Finish Tissue Roll White Equipment Basket Spray Bottle

Lift Utensil Holder In White Tiny Tile Wall Metal Collapsible Stand

Lift Utensil Holder In Black Metal Base Frame Water Channel Hole Metal Collapsible Stand

Lift Utensil Holder In Grey Wooden Cutting Board Cutlery Metal Collapsible Cutlery Stand Tiny Tile Wall Metal Sink

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