Highly Functional Portable Lamps to Have Today

The FollowMe Lamp By Marset Bright Outdoor Portable Lamp A Couple Enjoying Evening In Outdoor Space

Buying functional items is crucial to maximizing tight living space. It even includes lighting fixtures that should be as functional as possible. It could be even better with a decent design and shape to help to enhance the décor. Well, these options of the portable lamp should be taken into consideration of buying right away.

There is the Brick by HCWD featuring LED panel powered by a lithium-ion battery. It could last for five hours in when activated by lifting it up. It comes with a detachable cord and a USB port to charge the battery upon its use. Another option that is considerably cute is the Enevu by CKIE. It can be functioned as either a radiant area light or a soft ambient light. It is waterproof and splashproof with programmable color and intensity of its LED lights. Next on this list is the Guidelight by Weltevree that can be used as an ambient light, a work light, or a flashlight. It has an easily rotatable LED powered by a battery that will deliver up to 150 operating hours on its lowest intensity setting. The one lamp named Elmetta Smart Table Lamp by Tommaso Caldera is a decent choice on this list. It is made of anodized aluminum with a polished metal handle to provide a beautiful two-tone look. Its look is the more crucial element than its function.

The next option is the Candela Glow 4 Rechargeable Lights by OXO. It features a beautiful design at a pretty reasonable price with just a simple appeal. It can provide a warm candle glow for any space instantly. Pablo offers the UMA Sound Lantern as a thoughtful design of modern lamp with sleek beauty. It has warm LED lights in which its intensity can be controlled to ensure its perfect functionality regardless of the space and occasion of its placement and use. Meanwhile, the FollowMe lamp by Marset is a polycarbonate swinging lamp. It features LED lights with dimmer that can be used in both indoor and outdoor.

A wireless lamp named Nox by Astep is another decent choice of the portable lamp to buy today. Its wireless charging is its last feature that cannot be found in any other options. It has its dimmer to adjust the light intensity for different uses. BioLite’s BaseLantern is another option that features a slim design of a portable lamp. It is a rechargeable lamp that offers a dangerous battery life for an extended use of it. The last one is the Nomadic by EK Design. It is made of cast concrete featuring three lamps without any cords. It has an induction charging feature with a touch sensor to activate or deactivate itself.

The Nomadic Lamps From EK Design Unique Portable Lamp Design

The Nox Lamp By Astep Easy To Carry Design

The BaseLantern From BioLite With Companion App Wooden Table

The Candela Glow 4 Rechargeable Lights From OXO Candle Like Design And Light

The Enevu By CKIE Cube Shaped Portable Lamp Design In White Shade And Black Base

The UMA Sound Lantern From Pablo Cone Shaped Portable Lamp Design Outdoor Patio Circular Table Corner Sofa

The Brick By HCWD Brick Shaped Portable Lamp Design In White Finish

The Elmetta Smart Table Lamp Of Tommaso Caldera In Anodized Green Finish Black Legs Books Pencils

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