Highly Functional Nightstands in Modern Design to Buy Today

Oitenta Floating Shelf Wooden Box Cactus Electrical Outlet Switch Charger Red Clock Watch

The bedroom will always need to have nightstands to place and store certain things needed before going to bed and right after waking up. People will put books, a phone, glasses, wallet, or even keys on the nightstands. Today there are so many options of the nightstand to buy. Surely amidst the many available options are some of the best choices to consider. Surely the most important matters will be to find functional ones with the decent appeal, right?

Amidst the best choices of the nightstand, today is the Misko by Heim Evgeni. It may look pretty much like standard bedside table with drawer in such minimalist appeal. It offers great functions including internal LED lights that will make it functions as both a nightstand and a lamp. The light will illuminate both the handle space and the translucent top of it that looks nice. Another recommended option of the nightstand is the Ottone by Formabillo. It emphasizes the simplicity of modern furniture with two round holes resembling the pair of eyes. The holes play their role as handles as well for the drawer there. It comes in dark finish and bright finish to meet the different style of bedroom décor.

Oitenta design studio from Spain has its Floating Shelf to offer as a decent nightstand to buy today. Its simplicity hides its features such as its big top surface to hold many items. Furthermore, it is possible for it to be placed on the wall over an electricity outlet so that it can be a charging station. The front door is secured by a magnetic lock in which it reveals spacious storage space when opened. Next choice is the one called Yeh Wall Table designed by Kenyon Yeh. It comes in a unique form of two-legged leaning side furniture piece. It needs to be assembled first which is not difficult at all. It is made of steel and tube in powder coat finish for a nice appeal of it. It was designed carefully to ensure its stability when in use.

Bed Organizer by Jean Pelle is the next choice in this matter. It features some small drawers that will be perfect to store small items like keys, cosmetics, books and many other things which should be close to the bed. It is made of maple finished in wax in which it comes in either low legs configuration or no legs at all. The last option is Pippin Bedside System which is an adjustable pegboard. It can be adjusted accordingly to store any item properly next to a bed. It comes with different options of material to consider.

Ottone Side Table Wooden Baseball Bat Baseball White Wooden Floor White Bedding Books Colorful Mug Frame Lettering Art Small Rug

Misko Side Table Wooden Shelf With Drawer Led Lighting Triangular Legs

Yeh Wall Table In White Large Books White Wooden Panel Wall Grey Bedspread

Pippin Bedside Nightstand Small Clock Metal Trays Grey Wall Books Charging Station Cream Bed Upholstered Bed Plaid Bedding

Oitenta Floating Shelf Wooden Box Cactus Electrical Outlet Switch Charger Red Clock Watch

Bed Organizer By Jean Palle Wooden Shelf With Small Drawers

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