Hang Your Wall Art Properly!

Some Frames Placed Near A Wooden Chair

Everyone has artworks and photos hanging on the walls but some of them attached them inappropriately. Here some ideas and tips for you to place your artworks and photos in the right position. Let’s check this out!

Choose the Artwork of a Proper Size

First of all, try to find what size of an artwork which will be right to be placed in the space even though massive artworks are very popular right now. If too large or too small may be inappropriate. If you choose to put the wall art directly over a furniture instead of hanging it, choose an artwork which is slightly shorter on either side than the furniture itself. If you want to hang a piece of art on the wall, it should take the exact angle of the hanging wall. Measure the length and the width of the wall to find out its measurement, then multiply every number by 0.571 which is four-sevenths as a decimal. This is it!

Find Out the Height

You have to choose a proper height for people with different height will have different eye level. The general rule of the right height is the center of a work of art should be fifty-seven inches from the floor. Find the center of your artwork, measure the height and divide it into two parts. The next step is to measure the distance from the image wire or the nail hook to the top of the frame. Subtract that distance from half of the picture’s height. The last step is adding your result with 57. If you have a very high ceiling, hang the pictures properly according to the height of the ceiling because math is not always the only this you should follow.

Make a Gallery Wall

Many people ever think to have a gallery because it is difficult to be built. They are shy and do not want to think too much to have a gallery in their spaces. Yet, it is the time to have one in your home because it is very popular nowadays. Here some steps that you can follow to build a gallery in your home. First of all, put your work on the floor to see if all the artwork will look cool in harmony. When you have satisfied with what you get, then hangs all of those pieces. This is it!

Some Chairs And A Table Placed Front Of Some Frames Hanging On The Wall

A Bed With Grey Pillows And Blanket Under A Large Artwork

A Chair With Fabric And A Lamp Placed Front Of Some Frames Hanging On The Wall

A White Desk With A Vase And Books On It Under A Large Artwork

A Woman Stands In Front Of A Cabinet Full Of Books Which Placed Under Some Frames Hanging On The Wall

A Large Artwork On The Top Of A Black Fireplace

Some Frames Placed Near A Wooden Chair

A Bench With Cushions And Books On It, And Some White Chairs Placed Under Some Frames Hanging On The Wall

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