Group 18 Neon Light to Add to Any Interior Décor from Carnevale Studio

Group 18 Lighting Fixture Green And Yellow Neon Lights Blue Finished Base

The neon light is a common thing to see in certain places. Many favorite spots in certain situations could probably have neon signs just outside the building. Well, it will surely be fun to add neon lights into interior space, right? Well, it is not a surprise that lighting fixture is one item with many creative ideas of designs to find. Even the idea of a neon light is there as well in the form of Group 18. It is a piece of neon light for any interior space designed and manufactured by Carnevale Studio. It surely is a funky idea for any interior décor especially a modern one.

In short, the main idea of this Group 18 is to downsize that famous neon signs for various outdoor spaces. Las Vegas, for example, is a place with various neon signs in which the idea and concept of such thing can be incorporated into any interior decoration. When done properly surely this can be a distinctive feature in any style of interior decoration even a modern one.

This neon style lighting fixture from Carnevale Studio offers downsized light using 3D modeling to make the certain authentic appeal of neon lights itself as the large original ones. Each piece of light contains glass that has been bent over a flame in a glass studio to make sure that it has a decent shape of neon light. There are many different sizes and colors to choose of this particularly unique lighting fixture named Group 18 from Carnevale Studio. It means that regardless of the décor styles it can still be a decent piece of light.

Downsizing of the neon light into the smaller size as this Group 18 is necessary to create a neon light in interior volume. It will really minimize the need of space wherever the light is placed within any interior space. It is a smart idea by Carnevale Studio that has its base in Brooklyn to shrunk down neon light concept so that there is a piece of unique light can be incorporated in any interior space today. Furthermore, in term of the way to use it, it can be placed in any space. Yet it may not be that decent choice for the main lighting fixture for space though. It can just simply be an accentuating piece of light to deliver a more appealing décor in a bedroom for example or even a home bar.

Group 18 Lighting Fixture Pink And Yellow Neon Lights Grey Base Finish

Group 18 Lighting Fixture Blue And Sky Blue Neon Lights Grey Finished Base

Group 18 Lighting Fixture Green And Yellow Neon Lights Blue Finished Base

Group 18 Neon Lights By Studio Carnevale Colorful Lights Variosu Base Options

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