Glam Space Ideas

A Fireplace With A Big Mirror Over It

Many people love the glam style because such a style bring chic and luxurious look. Today, I would like to share some smart ideas to apply the glam style in your space. The views are about how to create a glam interior in a living room. Have been curious, aren’t you? Let’s take a look at some ideas below. Enjoy!


Many people think that glam style is very related to pink and pink shades. You may not always use pink. If you want to add a girly feel to your space, you can choose pink shades or lilac as your choice. But still, you may go for neutrals, and pure white for neutral feel as that kind of colors are timeless, and they never go wrong. Besides, you may also try shades of grey, from dove grey to graphite. Those shades are also fit your neutral spaces. Another great idea is working black and white as a monochromatic idea. You can polish it with shades of pink or purple and shiny metal.


It doesn’t a matter if you have chosen some other colors or shades because you can still make the interior more cheerful and glam. Using proper materials and textures to glam your space up is essential to get the exact glam feel that you want. There are some materials and textures that you can use. You may go for shiny metals like brass, silver, and copper. You can play with furniture legs and frames of them, lamps, picture, photo frames, or other items that you love. A crystal chandelier has become a necessary item for a very glam space. Having it in your area will add cuteness and glam to the interior in a second. A mirror is also a great idea. You may choose mirror picture frames and even coffee tables. Some ideas to bring comfort to your space. Faux fur pillows, rugs, and blankets are the most basic idea to try. You may also try animal prints for your rugs and pillows.

Touches of Other Styles

It is somewhat impossible if you just want to have a glam style in your space. Somehow, you will need to add other bits of the different styles of choosing furniture and artworks. You may select the modern or retro style, Scandinavian or Gothic, or many others that you think it will be entirely matched in the blending. Choose the right furniture, artworks, and accessories based on the style you want to follow and make your interior outstanding!

A Stack Of Pillow On A Furry Rug In A Small Space

A Grey Sofa With Cushions In Pink Paired With A Coffee Table With Some Stuffs On It

A Grey Sofa And Chairs With Fury Cushions Paired With Two Round Coffee Table Some Stuffs On It

A White Sofas With White Cushions Paired With A Coffee Table With Some Stuffs On It

A Room With All White Furniture

A White Sofa With Some Cushions In Pink Paired With A Coffee Table With Some Stuffs On It

A Chairs With Cushion Paired With A Coffee Table With Some Stuffs On It In Front Of A Fireplace

A Pink Sofa With Furry Fabric Near A Side Table With A Lamp To Prove It

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