Glam Christmas Decor Ideas with Sequin

Sequin Christmas Tree Cones In Dark Blue Shade

Hi fellas! Do you need something different for your Christmas? Maybe you need something glamour for your Christmas. If you want to make glam Christmas decor, you will need glitter, beads, germ, and sequins to bring all-out glam to your space. Today I would like to share you some great ideas to make sequin Christmas decor for your area. These ideas are pretty easy to be made, and it will not spend too much cost. Let’s check them out!

Sequin Christmas Stockings

Christmas stocking is the basic Christmas decor, and it is the most traditional one. Until now still very popular and many people still want to have it as their Christmas decorations. For those of you who want a fancy Christmas decoration, you can make or buy some of the colorful Christmas stockings you love. It can mint, gold, pink, emerald, of the others. It may be entirely covered of sequin or just in some parts of it. Hang it everywhere you want such as fireplace or staircase. It is an excellent idea to bring glam touch for your Christmas which is affordable.

Sequin Christmas Pillows

Pillow is the thing that can be easily found in the bedroom or living room. You can also play with a pillow to bring glam Christmas in your space by making sequin pillows. You may go for a neutral pad with a sequin Christmas tree, or you may add some words related to holidays, deer, and even Grinch. Try all various color of sequins such as red, emerald, gold, silver, rose gold, and many others. Try also fun ideas like having reverse sequin. It is a pillow which has two different colors in a pad and there is a pattern in it. You may also try sequin pillows in Christmas-like shapes such as candy canes, peppermints, stockings, and Christmas trees.

Sequin Christmas Ornaments and Decorations

Sequin Christmas decoration is very traditional. If you want something vintage but you do not have one, you can make it by yourself. You can make it in color with ombre techniques, or copy some Christmas things such as peppermint, deer, candy canes, Christmas tree, and many others. Add some sequins to bring a cheer touch to the pieces. There are many fun tutorials to make Christmas trees beautified with sequins that you can follow. And the last but not least, you can buy or build a sequin Christmas tree skirt to make yourself also glam and glitz.

A Pillow With Silver Sequin In Christmas Tree Shape

A Sequin Mushroom Christmas Ornament

Sequin Christmas Tree Cones In Dark Blue Shade

A Golden Sequin Skirt Under The Silver Christmas Tree

Two Large Sequin Stockings In Colorful Shades

A Reverse Sequin Pillow In Candy Cane Shape

Sequin Christmas Tree Cones

A Hanging Rose Gold Sequin Stockings Over A Cup

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