Glam and Vintage Appeal of Walter Table Light

Wooden Buffet Round Handles Walter Table Light Anthracite Shade Wooden Accent Wall Dark Grey Sofa Brown Pillows

Adding small pieces of decorative items in any room will affect the look of the décor in it. Surely by adding small things certain touches and accents can be achieved instantly. It is needed when trying to enhance an interior decoration in a specific style. Small items include table lamps, artworks, pillows, potted plants, or even clocks. Each one of them can boost the appeal of the décor in the room they are placed. When the idea is to add a bit of vintage charm by just focusing on a table lamp, Walter Table Light is a decent option. How can it be like that?

The central theme of this Walter Table Light is a vintage appeal with a touch of glamour. So, in other words, it can be said that this unique table lamp offers a perfect combination of glam and vintage in one item. It will serve its function as a lighting fixture while also beautifying any interior where it is placed. This lamp was designed and produced by Original BTC with the ideas of 1960s style. This UK-based brand of lighting delivers this lamp in a pretty unique appeal that attracts those lovers of vintage style.

It has its so-called futuristic feel as well while it delivers vintage and glam accents altogether. It was affected by the idea of futuristic back in the period of 1960s though. It is known that there were many great ideas of futuristic matters back in those old days. This table lamp comes in two different sizes of 1 and 2. It offers satin copper or a satin brass option of its finished base. Furthermore, the glass shade of this table lamp comes in either anthracite or opal for different preferences. It has an integrated dimmer to make it easy to use.

The brass and opal combo will deliver girlish accent. Meanwhile, the combination of brass and anthracite will provide the glam accent right away. This table lamp is easy to work with any style of interior decoration. The metallic finish has a significant role in its overall appeal since it is somewhat famous today. A modern interior décor will be able to get the best of metal accents when using this table lamp. A table lamp in a slightly vintage and glam appeal can never go wrong regardless of the interior decoration style being incorporated.

Wooden Buffet Round Handles Walter Table Light Anthracite Shade Wooden Accent Wall Dark Grey Sofa Brown Pillows

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