Geometric Parquet Rug in Colorful Shades

A Wooden Round Table And Some Wooden Chairs Around It Placed On A Parquet Rug

An important thing of furniture is the comfort point. Whether it is in your bedroom, a living room, or even in the kitchen. If we are looking for furniture, the comfort point is always in our mind. The point is vital because furniture can bring and provide comfort and coziness in a space. Warmth and coziness are essential because it can influence our mood to start our day or activities. Many types of furniture fill a house. There are sofas, chairs, daybeds, and many other furnitures. Choosing furniture is gambling. You can get the best one who can give you a maximum comfort or the worse one which will ruin your mood. Therefore, you better be careful to choose the best one.

Rugs and carpets are one of many furnitures which can bring comfort to your space. They are instrumental and helpful especially in winter or another season with cold weather and wind. It is not only can keep yourself warm but also very stylish that can stand your space out. You may not go for a usual and boring rug if you can get a colorful and eye-catchy one. By having the unusual one, you can make your space chic and cool. Today I would like to share with you an amazing rug that can make your area more stand out. Let’s have a look at it!

Swedish studio Front brings striking design to their first collaboration with Gan Rugs. This kind of rugs is named Parquet. Parquet is a collection of kilim rugs with abstract and graphical patterns. The inspiration of this rugs is getting from traditional flooring blocks. The different geometries and colors in the design create a three-dimensional matrix that plays with overlapping and stratification. IThis is reinforced by the patternless forms of carpet itself.

The parquet rugs are available in three bold pieces. There are Parquet Tetragon rug, Parquet Rhomb rug, and Parquet Hexagon rug. In the pattern of the carpets itself, Parquet rugs are done in bold Yellow, blue and orange. It becomes an advantage for you because it allows you to quickly find a configuration and a set of the favorite colors of yours and will fit your space. Parquet bring a touch of Scandinavian simplicity. About the quality? No need to question it because the high quality of the collection is sure can grab everyone’s eyes.

A Wooden Round Table And Some Wooden Chairs Around It Placed On A Parquet Rug

A Woman On A Bean Bad Placed On The Parquet Rug Is Talking With A Man On The White Sofa With Pillows.

A Parquet With Detail Color And The Shape

A Man And Woman Sitting On A Sofa Placed Near Parquet Rugs In Colorful Shades

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