Futuristic Pendant Lighting Named Saturn to Represent a Clock

Futuristic Shape Sculptural Design Saturn Pendant Lamp

Decorating any interior with the so-called modern style alongside some futuristic touches is considerably popular today. Sleek looking décor is favored by many homeowners since it emphasizes simplicity to look beautiful. Thus there are many furniture items as well as interior décor related items in futuristic design out there to get. Small items can easily be found within any interior décor to help enhancing the overall appeal of the décor including lighting fixtures. Some items even offer multifunctional feature so that they can be useful in many ways. So, it really is awesome while also unique for a pendant lighting to be able to perform a function of a clock, right? Such piece of lighting fixture will be perfect for a sleek modern interior with futuristic flair for sure.

There is the pendant lighting named Saturn that looks just so futuristic as well as sculptural to be a pendant. It is a multifunctional item that will serve its main function as a lighting fixture while also offering its additional function of a clock. How can that be possible? Its intriguing design really delivers a somewhat surprising function of a clock when closely examined right from the front or back. So it has to be looked right from either its front or back to reveal its time-telling function.

It uses the similar concept as telling time using sun. It has some arcs to represent the arms of a clock. Furthermore its perpendicular rings will be stationery right there in the center to show the marks of 3, 6, 9 and 12 as in a clock. There are 4 motors in each rotating arm to make sure that the clock function runs properly in this particularly unique design of pendant lighting.

At glance this pendant will look like another sculptural pendant. Yet aside of just illuminating certain areas where it is placed, it will be really useful to function as a clock. It may need a bit of times to get used to reading the clock though. At the end it will really be a decent piece to add into any interior décor especially the one with modern style of the décor. A stunning pendant lamp that could perform as a bold statement or focal point in any décor while also being able to tell time is a nice thing to get. It looks totally futuristic while also pretty much functional at the same time.

Futuristic Shape Sculptural Design Saturn Pendant Lamp

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