Fully Entertaining Modern Style Azul Apartment to Welcome Everyone

Wooden Office Desk Glass Top Metal Table Lamp Wide Sooden Shelf Books Speaker Mini Figures Stationery Sofa Small Accent Pillows Wooden Floor Wooden Wall

Living in an apartment does not mean that guests cannot come very often. Furthermore, guests visiting apartment can feel comfortable and full of enjoyment as well when the condo being visited is decorated and designed correctly for that entertainment purpose. Well, there are so many tricks to do when dealing with small space of an apartment. It can be transformed into a beautiful living quarter which offers a high level of comfort and entertainment even to its visitors. The Azul Apartment located in Curitiba, Brazil is one clear example of such thing. Its entire area is 80 square meters with just the perfect configuration to be considered as a great apartment.

There is a central living space within the apartment that combines its kitchen, dining room and living room. That is a common thing to do in which in this apartment is intended to be able to receive many guests at one time. The separation is appropriately done by differentiating the décor a bit within the joined areas. The kitchen is in all white appeal white the living area has concrete walls as the living area with a bit more wooden touches there. The furniture in those mentioned areas comes in modern design to maximize the simplicity of décor while offering the high level of comfort.

A slight eye widespread appeal can be seen there in the form of a wooden passageway. It is a wooded area with wood on the floor, walls, and ceiling. It feels like a gate to enter the office and TV area on the other side. Bedroom and bathroom can be accessed from the TV area. In the office area, there is a wooden desk with glass top alongside wooden cabinet covering its one side of the wall. On the other hand, there is a significant TV with comfy sofa as the place to enjoy TV shows.

Inside the bed, the overall appeal merely is a comfort. The bed is made of wood in floating design alongside its nightstands. The headboard is made of an upholstered material to accentuate the wooden elements in the bedroom. Meanwhile, the bathroom has a bit more unique appeal of its stone free standing sink. Well, that is about everything inside such a beautiful apartment even in its small space. The key to an inviting décor for many guests in an apartment décor is to eliminate room dividers and separators to create more significant space.

Black Dining Chairs Wooden Dining Table Round Wooden Stools Black Shade Hanging Lamp Framed Wall Artwork Wooden Door

Metal Black Floor Lamp Round Wooden Table Books Metal Chairs Black Dining Chairs Round Dining Table Wooden Stools

White Kitchen Cabinet Wooden Cutting Boards Stainless Steel Applianaces Floating Shelf Mwtal Chair Wooden Round Table Wooden Floor Wooden Chair Wooden Cabinet Grey Chair Black Floor Lamp

Wooden Framed Bathroom Mirror White Vase Decorative Plant Stone Floor Sink Stainless Steel Faucet Concrete Wall White Wooden Framed Square High Window

Concrete Walls White Door White Wall Lamp Golden Hook

Tiiny Tile Kitchen Wall Floor Ceiling White Kitchen Cabinetries Wooden Cutting Boarsd Stainless Steel Appliances White Cooker Floating Shelf Microwave Books

Wooden Round Table Books Clear Glass Vase Decorative Plant Grey Upholstered Chair Metal Black Floor Lamp Wooden Stools Textured Rug Wooden Tall Cabinet Flat Screen Tv

Wooden Doorway Cream Sofa Small Accent Pillows Wooden Desk Wooden Floor Blue Carpet Wooden Dining Table Black Chairs Black Shade Hanging Lamp Round Coffee Table

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