Frizi Chaise Lounge, Colorful and Cheerful Item for Kids

The Back Of A Red Frizi Chaise Lounge

Moholy-Nagy University held an annual event that they organize school projects with Hungarian Furniture Association involving a design that will be launched on their open source design initiative. Many different themes have been created year after year, and this year the theme is ‘The Kids‘. This theme includes learning, storing, and relaxing furniture pieces for six to 12-year-olds.

An Art and Design student named Márton Hegyesi become one of the participants of this project. In this project, Márton Hegyesi with the creativity and a great inspiration created Frizi. What is Frizi? Frizi by Márton Hegyesi is a stunning children’s lounge. It is made of plywood and polyfoam. The two materials are the kinda good choice because they can be said as cheap materials and they are also easily accessible. Márton Hegyesi made Frizi without no reasons. It is made with some goals with open source design that will be some advantages for everyone who has it. The first goal is that they do not cost so much money. With the materials that are carefully chosen, this piece becomes quite affordable. The second goal is the supplies are not hard to be found. Then, the last but not least, this kind of furniture can be made by a person who has a skill or even at home by following the free downloadable instruction.

Polyfoam is the material that is chosen by Márton Hegyesi. It is selected because it is considered as a durable material that withstands the abuse of children, so this material will make such a piece can be reliable and children friendly. Besides that reason, this material is a more affordable alternative to upholstery. Having high quality furniture in the house is everyone’s dream. Furniture with high quality will offer comfort and functional point because they are made from materials which are usually expensive.That’s why high-quality furniture has a high value. Not all people can afford it. That is why Hegyesi chooses affordable materials to make all people can reach the piece. Although it is cheap, it also offers functional point and stylish.

This fantastic item is not only affordable because of the chosen materials, but also design to be easily cleaned. Each component in the chaise can be removed without too much energy. By removing it, you can wash it as clean as possible. After that, you may put it back without too much effort. Such a very friendly chaise! The design is compact, and it gives you some advantages. Firstly, its size is perfect for children because it is very comfortable. Secondly, besides it is comfortable, it will save your space for another need because this piece will not overeat scope of yours.

The Back Of A Red Frizi Chaise Lounge

The Front Of The Red Frizi Chaise Lounge With A Rabbit Doll

The Front Of The Red Frizi Chaise Lounge

A Red Frizi Chaise Lounge

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