Flowers Opening Concept in a Pendant Lamp Design by Studio Lieven

The Inmoov Lamp Black Finish Opened State

It is true that nature has its many possible things to be the ideas and inspirations in many aspects. In term of interior decoration and home furnishing, there have been so many ideas related to nature. Many furniture items have been created with the idea of natural elements on them. Even many natural elements and materials have always been used to create unique décor appeal and unique furniture items. Even just in the form of a lighting fixture, nature can be the determining factor of the final product. It can be seen on this pendant lamp by Studio Lieven of Berlin named InMOOV. This unique looking pendant lamp has its basic idea of design in resemblance to flowers opening or other words jellyfish moving. Sounds like something unique, right?

Invertible Disc is used in the making of the body of this InMOOV pendant as the main build of it. The idea in mind of the designers of Studio Lieven is as mentioned earlier that is the opening movement of flowers or jellyfish swimming in the water. In the translation of that idea into the actual piece of the lamp, the designers have been able to create a movement of the pendant from a small piece to a large one in the stretched state. The Invertible Disc mainly causes that in its folding and unfolding movement. That is the main attraction of this lighting fixture.

Furthermore, the main source of light inside this lamp is LED strips that could deliver different color temperature. The change is affected by the opening fixture of the lamp. When it is open, there will be a soft 3500 Kelvin illuminating light while in its closed state there will only be 2500 Kelvin. The one in the closed state is a more focused light pointing down. To open and close the lamp it can merely be done by hand.

Well, it has been a smart way of translating a nature-inspired idea into a modern and rather futuristic piece of lighting fixture like this one. It features a natural aspect in the form of the futuristic piece of item. That makes it perfect to be added to any modern interior. Furthermore, its white finish is definitely the statement to make sure that it can easily fit into any style of decoration where it is about to be placed. InMOOV pendant is another decent option of a modern piece of item inspired by nature that is nothing but awesome.

Above View Of Inmoov Lamp Black Finish Yellowsih Soft Light

The Inmoov Lamp Black Finish Opened State

White Opening Flower That Inspires The Inmoov Lamp Design

The Inmoov Pendant Black Finish In Closing To Opening And Fully Opened State

White Finished Inmoov Lamp In A Fully Opened State

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