Flora Noir Collection of Furniture by Marcin Rusak in Moody Style

Low Round Table Of Flora Noir Colelction Dark Finished Table Top Metal Framing Three Pieces Of One Item

Moody style of interior decoration is considerably a hot trend today. More and more people have just preferred that particular style of décor for some of their spaces. Well, there are some decent pieces of moody furniture as well just as the collection of Flora Noir by the famous Marcin Rusak. It features several different items in which the look of them is just so moody and beautiful at the same time. Overall this collection of furniture is so trendy that will be easy to use in any style of interior decoration. In short, this set of furniture items are made of resin with real flowers and leaves inside to create awesome appeal and pattern like nothing else.

Within the collection, there is a coffee table, a console table, a sculpture and a wall. The leaves are all out of tropical plants trapped just beneath the finish of resin of the items. Furthermore, the flowers are incorporated in other items that include tables, screens, and lamps. Surely when they are all combined the finished look is going to be nothing else but beautiful. It really is a smart way of incorporating natural elements in furniture pieces, right?

The source of the leaves and flowers are florists in the form of their waste. Basically, the main idea when creating this set of furniture is to make use of tons of waste flowers en daily basis. Instead of just being thrown away from being not so interesting anymore, the waste flowers and leaves are picked up to be selected further as the perfect pieces for the furniture. Once picked, they will be arranged carefully inside empty molds before resin in the transparent state is poured to create the iconic appeal of this furniture set.

The look of the furniture itself is actually completed by using three types of metal as the housing or frame. Brass, steel, and aluminum can all be found to cover the main resin piece of this furniture set. The metals are finished respectively and accordingly to make sure that they will be highly durable for really long use. The finished result of resin mixed with the flowers and leaves is surely like a kind of fossil being preserved. Obviously, the Flora Noir collection of resin furniture from Marcin Rusak is going to be a unique one to choose to complete any interior space since it consists of several different items.

Low Round Table Of Flora Noir Colelction Dark Finished Table Top Metal Framing Three Pieces Of One Item

Flat Circular Decorative Sculpture Of Flora Noir Collection White Base

Berries And Flowers Covered With Resin As Round Table Top Of Flora Noir Furniture Collection

Flora Noir Furniture Collection Console Table Dark Background Floral And Botanical Themed Resin Finish

Coated Steel Frame And Housing Resin Finished Exterior Of Flora Noir Furniture Collection

Floral And Botanical Theme Resin Finished Surface Of Flora Noir Furniture Collection

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