Filling Your Blank Wall with LIFX Tile

LIFX Tile Gives Ambient Lighting To The Space

Having a blank wall make us confuse, sometimes. We sometimes think about adding some decoration to the blank wall in order to make it not boring. There are plenty of decoration choices that can be chosen. There are artworks, photographs, or even mirrors. Yet, sometimes those kind of choices do not really work well in your blank wall. When your blank wall is poorly lit, having a large photograph will go wrong. Adding a mirror sometimes making your wall look weird than fabulous. Then, finding a great painting which fits with the space’s style is not as easy as it looks.

Having a lighting item can be unpredictable solution for blank wall. We usually think that lighting items will just add light without adding any touch which can catch an eye. Yet, this time will be different. In this great time, I would like to share you a fabulous lighting item which may help you to spruce out your blank wall. It is not an ordinary lighting items, but it is the fabulous one which can be considered to beautify you blank wall. Let’s check it out!

This item is called LIFX Tile. LIFX is really a good news for you who want to decorate your blank wall. The LIFX Tile is funky re-imagination of ambient lighting. Your living spaces can be enhanced and any area in your home can be transformed just by its unique ambient light art, moving scenes, themes, and effects. The LIFX Tile is created of 5 tiles on a kit. It has measurement of 200m x 200m x 35mm. These tiles have the ability to dim from 100% to 1%. Because of this ability, it can provide an array of over millions of colors. You may organize these tiles as you want and watch your creation come to life. Use your imagination and give a magic touch of your hand in organizing these tiles. The LIFX Tile is completed with a smartphone app. It allows the user to access plenty email and messaging notification with the flash of a tile.

The LIFX is a smart modern solution for filling and decorating a blank wall. You may use this unique item not only for filling a blank wall, but also for adding color to your home decoration. Since this item is a lighting item, it will make your space shine for sure. Such a functional and beautiful item!

LIFX Tile Placed Over A Desk Gives Ambient Lighting To The Walls

LIFX Tile Gives Ambient Lighting To The Space

LIFX Tile Placed On The Grey Wall

LIFX Tile Placed On The Wall Behind Two People Playing Games

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